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From: Bowfreak
Does anyone make a mid layer that acts as a wind stopper? I love my Day One fleece for stand hunting, but it can be a tad chilly when the wind is blowing fairly hard.

From: Franklin
What I have used that is very thin and lightweight with no bulk is a "golf windshirt". The problem is they don`t make pants just a top. It works great and pound for pound is an excellent insulating layer.

From: KSflatlander
Put light weight packable rain gear under your outer layer.

From: Bowboy
I just wear my KUIU guide jacket.

Sitka Stratus vest.

From: Bowbender
I have an older Cableas fleece pullover with a windblocker lining. It's always in my pack.

From: deerslayer
I use my Sitka jet stream and pants under my bibs and overcoat. Sat nice and toasty!

From: Rock

Rock's Link Saw this on Craigslist, might be what you are looking for.

From: Candor
I do the golf windshirt as well sometimes.

Keep in mind that the deeper under your outer layer you wear the windproof layer the less functional (for warmth) that the layers outside of your windproof layer function.

From: fisherick
Cabelas Wooltimate jacket and pants, warm and quiet.

From: Ironbow-cell
Day One makes products with Windstopper. If you have fleece that doesn't have it and need to cut the wind, try a lightweight rain suit like Cabelas Space Rain. Works good on windy days.

From: Deerplotter
Cabelas used to have a wind shear guide series vest. I have one and it works great under the outer jacket. Check and see if it’s still available

From: PK
if i just want to stop the wind i just put a light nylon pullover windbreaker under my outer most layer and use light nylon jogging pants under the same for the bottoms. been working like a charm for over 40 years and a cheap solution.

From: leftee
Yes,to this day the Cabelas 'wind shear' gear is tough to beat.Sweater,pullover,light parka and pants still number one for me when windy.What a shame it's no longer offered.

From: Russell

Suggest buying another jacket and pants with windstopper from Day One. Put on your Christmas list.

I have a Day One fleece jacket in ASAT for cool days and pants and jacket with windstopper for the colder temps. The later is my most worn clothing for stand-hunting.

From: kakiat kid
x's on the Cebelas Winsdheer wool sweaters. I have 3 incluing the Waterfoweler (a bit heavy) as well as the old Berber fleece with windstopper. They used to make such great stuff, its sad to see what it has become...You can find it on ebay but can bit a bit $$$ for used stuff.

From: LBshooter
Frog toggs work well as a wind barrier.

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