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Michigan man allegedly gets TB from deer
Whitetail Deer
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IdyllwildArcher 25-Nov-19
Missouribreaks 25-Nov-19
Jaquomo 25-Nov-19
BadlandsRoger 25-Nov-19
Franklin 25-Nov-19
Destroyer350 25-Nov-19
Cornpone 25-Nov-19
cord 62 25-Nov-19
Tonybear61 25-Nov-19
JL 26-Nov-19

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Serious disease.

From: Jaquomo
I caught crabs from a deer once back in college. At least, that was my story to my girlfriend at the time....

In High School I worked at a fish hatchery and in college I worked as a fly fishing guide. I've had to have a couple of TB tests done in the last couple of decades for various things and I've always tested positive to these tests. The first time, my doctor freaked out and reported me to the feds. The CDC made me run through the treatment that all TB patients have to take. Turns out there's a fish bacteria (Mycobacterium Marinum) that can cause a positive TB test in humans who have significant exposure (like hatchery workers or fishing guides). The NIH did a study about it a few years ago and 100 percent of the small test group (N=8) tested positive for TB after exposure to this. So basically for the rest of my life I'll have false positives.

The good news for any who are genuinely exposed to real TB is that they can control and contain now. It used to be the #1 killer in the country prior to development of testing and treatment protocols.

From: Franklin
"They`re not crabs honey they are just bed bugs, that damn Motel 6"....

Isn`t TB easy to spot on an infected deer?

From: Destroyer350
It must be from all that baiting :)

From: Cornpone
LOL Jaquomo...did she buy it!!!

From: cord 62
The Tractor Story...Seinfeld

From: Tonybear61
I wonder how many fishermen, anglers (those who clean their own fish) who would show up TB positive due to Mycobacterium Marinum.

From: JL
I've been cleaning my own fish (salt and fresh) for decades. I just read this stuff is in fresh and salt water, warm and cold water. I might ask my doc about this on the next visit.

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