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caliper release to a thumb activated
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Franklin 25-Nov-19
The dream 25-Nov-19
bentshaft 25-Nov-19
midwest 25-Nov-19
fubar racin 25-Nov-19
JTreeman 25-Nov-19
leftee 25-Nov-19
dmann 25-Nov-19
Scar Finga 25-Nov-19
Gator 25-Nov-19
Dino 26-Nov-19
rooster 26-Nov-19
greg simon 26-Nov-19
Elk4Doc 26-Nov-19
Bake 26-Nov-19
From: Franklin
For those that made the change from a what thumb activated release would you recommend for the transition?

I have had neck and shoulder surgeries and notice at full draw I have some funky tension in the neck and shoulder area with the caliper index finger release. When I go "back of the hand against the cheek" I don`t have it. The tension gives me trouble getting on my peep correctly.

From: The dream
Wise choice

From: bentshaft
I shoot the Stan SX3 and really like it. If you can find a good shop or a archery club where you can try several would be ideal. Remember shooting something different won't feel right until you get used to it so concentrate on a release that fits and feels good in your hand.

From: midwest
Carter Nock 2 It has been a great release for me. If you want to try a hinge or tension release, the 2 Smooth and the Silverback have the exact same profile and fit so you can switch between them with no change in draw length or anchor position.

From: fubar racin
I went to a edge 4 finger for a few years it was great for a budget friendly option recently got a tru ball goat hinge/ thumb activated and really really like it in hinge mode haven’t shot it a ton in thumb mode but it’s been nice for what little I have used it that way.

From: JTreeman
After going through several in the last 2 years I have settled on the Stan Perfex. Absolutely the best for me. Checks all my boxes but one, but it was minor box and very few releases could check that box anyway.

I don’t see myself changing for quite a while at this point.


From: leftee
If possible,try a Tru Ball Blade Pro.Hard to find,spendy,worth it.

From: dmann
I really like the T.R.U. ball pro diamond. It’s the first one I tried and wasn’t hard to transition to. Also have the fang just don’t shoot it as much

From: Scar Finga
Tru Ball for me, I like them a lot!!

From: Gator
My #1 Scott Ascent, followed by Tru Ball Boss X

From: Dino
Carter makes awesome releases. Get a Wise Choice or a Nock2it.

From: rooster
I bought Tru Ball Boss X's for both the wife and I this year. For far we like them. I like the rotating "head" as it doesn't twist my string loop at full draw with the back of my hand against my cheek. Also, I like that it seems, to me anyway, to be easier to operate when wearing gloves, something I couldn't get comfortable with using my index finger wrist strap release.

From: greg simon
I settled on the Tru Fire Hardcore 4 Finger after trying several. I don't ever see myself going back to a wrist strap.

From: Elk4Doc
Nock2it - and watch Dudley videos on how to set it up and use it. I think his instructional videos are very helpful.

From: Bake
I have tried 2. The Carter Wise Choice and the Stan Perfex. I prefer the Wise Choice

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