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Whitetail Deer
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From: Cornpone
If the day were divided into thirds for the entire bow season whereas the first third starts one-half hour before sunrise, the last third ends 15 minutes after sunset and the middle third is that time in between which would you choose? You can ONLY choose one of the three and stick with it for the entire season. The reason for the half-hour before and 15 minutes after is because, as you know, sunrise is brighter than sunset by the diameter of the sun. So...what is your choice?

From: Brotsky
Evening for the first 3rd, morning for the middle third, and evening for the last third. I make my own rules lol.

From: Franklin
X2 ^^^^^. The problem is I can`t get out of bed for the middle 3rd.

From: LINK
It could vary by which stand I have to hunt and month but in general evenings. Out of my 7 biggest 5 have been killed in the evening. To be fair my hunting time is probably slanted towards the evenings 70/30. I guide rifle hunters that hunt equal time and I’d guess over the past 16 years somewhere north of 65% of the bucks have been shot in the evening.

From: Swampbuck
Tuff question to answer. I’ve had really great hunts at all the times mentioned. Morning are always good, but I love that last light hunting

From: Bloodtrail
First third. Waaaaayyyyyyy more activity during the rut in the AM. Plus you can’t hunt past sunset in CT. So you’re walking out when it’s light out when the leaves fall off the trees.

From: APauls
I'm with Brotsky. But if you made me choose only one, I would forego pre and post rut hunting and just hunt November mornings.

From: timex
evening no question I'm blessed to work a few minutes from my house & have several places to hunt near home so almost every afternoon I hunt even if it's just watching a field with the long range gun

From: Russell
Evenings for sure!

Coffee and a nice relaxing breakfast, shooting the bow a bit, watch some TV, surf the web, ck winds, strategizing, etc. All before a relaxing afternoon deer hunting.

From: GF
“The reason for the half-hour before and 15 minutes after is because, as you know, sunrise is brighter than sunset by the diameter of the sun.“

You lost me at the mathematical impossibility.

But on pressured, public land, AM is the best bet because a lot of guys can’t drag their sorry carcasses out of bed. Unfortunately, I’m one of ‘em.... ;)

If pressure’s not too bad, all day long is the way to go.

If pressure is minimal and time is the limiting resource, probably evenings are most productive around here. Or productive enough that a guy can do like Russell and still get plenty of deer activity to enjoy.

Hunt whenever you can!

From: Trial153

From: Bob H in NH
Hate getting up, so rather hunt evening. Much rather shoot critters in the morning when I dont have to track in the dark

From: BigOk
Evening at least where I have been hunting for the past 10 years.

From: Brian M.

From: Scrappy
Mornings, I love watching a new day begin.

From: casekiska
Without any doubt, it's gotta be the morning! By far, best third!!!

From: Overland
Mornings. Evenings second. Mid-day only if I'm doing an all-day sit.

From: midwest
I prefer mornings.

From: fastflight
I love mornings ad I just enjoy seeing the sun come up. If I do shoot something I just like knowing I will have daylight for tracking, photos, gutting, and getting it back to the house rather than all of that happening by flashlight. Deer wise, I feel like it's about 50/50 for amount of action but lately I have seen more big bucks in evening.

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