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Ken Moody Safaris 28-Nov-19
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Ha, ha, ha

From: kota-man
I saw that video yesterday and am still laughing. Hilarious...I know how she feels!

You mean that’s not Pat???

From: Beav
So awesome!!

From: Scoot
Bwahaha sounds like me this year!

From: Ambush
Yup, we’ve all been there and sometimes the inside hurt just gets out.

But seriously, I don’t think t-roy was supposed to make the clip from Kodiak of jtreeman , public.

From: Ghost425
Oh my goodness, sooo cute and such honest emotion coming from her. We can all relate to her I’m sure. She’s passionate about killing a deer which is super awesome. Dad just needs to keep taking her out and I’m sure she’ll get plenty of deer in the years to come.

From: Swampbuck
Yep, that was me last year, lmao! What a cutie, I’m taking my 6yr old granddaughter on her first hunt in December. We’ll see how she reacts

From: M.Pauls
Buddy sent that to me yesterday. Almost too soon to laugh, that was me last Tuesday!

From: t-roy
That’s exactly how I felt last night after a doe started blowing and spooked the buck that was one step away from getting shot :-( (other than the lack of expletives in her video)

That is hilarious!!

From: Bake
I can feel it. I did something similar last night. First mature buck of the whole season. 40 yards and drawn. Couldn’t get him stopped. And he walked out of my life

From: Jaquomo
Ha! Thanks for the holiday laugh! The whole house full of girlfriends relatives are laughing now!

From: Paul@thefort

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