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Silsby Lake Lodge anyone?
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caribou77 28-Nov-19
t-roy 28-Nov-19
caribou77 29-Nov-19
From: caribou77
My dad and a friend are looking at doing a Moose hunt in 2021. They will be rifle hunting and dad will be in his late 60s by that time. Anyone hunted with them? And if you havent any other place you'd look? Silsby is around 7k for a 2x1 hunt, I suggested they both do a 1x1 to increase chances of actually getting 2. They are looking for paddled bulls, nothing special. Manitoba is convenient for them as the drive is easy and neither want to fly all the way across the country. That makes NewFoundland out and BC out. I've hunted with Mikes Outfitting for moose and mule deer, Dad did mule deer with me this year, but wants a bit more adventure and is willing to risk that over a pretty much sure thing bull.

From: t-roy
You might reach out to Tau, here on BS and find out who he guides for in Ontario. I believe they have good success rates and I’m thinking the hunt itself is a bit cheaper as well.

From: caribou77
Ill check him out. Thanks

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