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I killed An Elk Am I a Murderer?
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Bowboy 28-Nov-19
Ucsdryder 28-Nov-19
timex 28-Nov-19
Owl 28-Nov-19
timex 28-Nov-19
Shuteye 28-Nov-19
hunting dad 28-Nov-19
ryanrc 28-Nov-19
Ucsdryder 28-Nov-19
drycreek 28-Nov-19
BowFly 28-Nov-19
DanaC 29-Nov-19
midwest 29-Nov-19
Brotsky 29-Nov-19
Bowboy 29-Nov-19
greg simon 29-Nov-19
nmwapiti 29-Nov-19
tradmt 29-Nov-19
TD 29-Nov-19
axle2axle 29-Nov-19
Surfbow 29-Nov-19
Ken Taylor 29-Nov-19
swede 30-Nov-19
lawdy 30-Nov-19
redquebec 30-Nov-19
Ambush 30-Nov-19
wyobullshooter 30-Nov-19
Trophyhill 30-Nov-19
redquebec 01-Dec-19
t-roy 01-Dec-19
Hardchild 02-Dec-19
From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
This is a pretty good article. The comment by the animal right person, stating killing an animal, is like stalking and killing people in a Kmart is a very stupid and ignorant statement IMO.

I guess we can never change their minds!

From: Ucsdryder
You don’t need to change the minds of the crazies. You need to worry about the people in the middle that can be swayed either way.

From: timex
a long time ago I hunted public land In southern MD. & the anti's would sometimes be at the parking area they would not follow me into the woods but I never enjoyed the hunt because I was worried they'd vandalize my truck

From: Owl
If "meat is murder," vegetarianism is genocide.

From: timex
every one hunts some with guns some with bows some with rod & reel & some with a credit card in the grocery store but everyone hunts !

From: Shuteye
Originally we were all hunters, way back in the day. The men hunted for meat. The women cooked and took care of the kids. Then some of the men started staying with the women. That was the first democrats.

From: hunting dad
As hunters, we are also conservationists. As mentioned by the author. There is no mention of any conservation work done for the animals benefit by the animal rights people.

From: ryanrc
All those people have tons of pets that eat meat. They are all hypocrites.

From: Ucsdryder
Shuteye, most of us were hunters. Those that didn’t hunt, died. Unfortunately now, those same people can go to the grocery store.

From: drycreek
Shuteye, LMAO !

I used to be somewhat concerned about the antis, but over my lifespan I’ve not seen them gain much ground in my state, so I worry less than I probably should. I know that they’ve made inroads in the liberal states, but to tell the truth the only thing you can do about that is move. It’s a sign of the times when kids are raised in an urban environment where they really don’t get a realistic take on life. They associate guns with crime, hunting with cruelty to animals, etc. and think milk, meat, cheese, and bread come from a grocery store. They don’t have a damn clue about what happens on a farm or in the woods and don’t care. Most of them live on burgers and fries but don’t realize that a cow had to die for them to eat and probably don’t know that taters grow under the ground.

From: BowFly
Owl nailed it. In order for vegetarians to exist woodland and wetland must be converted to farmland to grow kale burgers. That means every living animal was crushed, burned or displaced for that tasty virtue- meal.

Screw em. Write their names dawn and if society ever fails they make good tomato fertilizer. :^D

From: DanaC
There's an old saying that 10 percent are hunters, 10 percent are anti-hunters, and 80 percent are on the fence.

We will NOT convince the anti's, ever. The key to maintaining our rights is to maintain our _image_ with the 80 percent. Be respectful. Be well spoken. Stay calm and friendly. Let THEM be the ranting, raging a*holes. Let them be off-putting extremists. When they try to tell the average fence-sitter that their leather shoes and McDonalds cheeseburgers are 'murder' _they_ come across as the bad neighbors. Meanwhile we politely point out that we prefer organic free-range meat from a renewable resource - and would you like to try some venison chili? ;-)

From: midwest
You're not a murderer, Craig. You're a serial killer!

….of giant animals.

From: Brotsky
Well Nick, vegans are also "cereal killers"! :-)

From: Bowboy
I guess a lot of us will be going to jail then. Hope some one will be my pen pal while I'm locked up! :)

Nick how are the prisons in IA?

From: greg simon
The closest I have come lately is only attempted murder!

From: nmwapiti
The world of the left is full of "wouldn't it be nice if...". Communism, socialism, veganism etc. We are one of mother nature's creatures, just like the elk. We have 60,000 years of hunting, gathering, etc in our blood. If you cut yourself off from that, you're less human and the natural world is missing one of its key predators. You can fight it all you want, but the sense of fulfillment from embracing who we are is undeniable.

From: tradmt
Anyone with a lick of common sense doesn’t give these loons any credibility and those without any common sense never had any credibility to give and never will.

From: TD

Shuteye X10! Thanks buddy, made my week.... heheheh.... too good..... =D

All great humor has a taste of truth to it.... vegans wouldn't know this as they are humorless.... comes with the territory being a member of the Perpetually Offended.

From: axle2axle
Great thread...if any of you haven't seen these videos (below)'re in for a laugh. Maybe it's just me, but this guy cracks me up! Youtube link below. Kevin

From: Surfbow
"You don’t need to change the minds of the crazies. You need to worry about the people in the middle that can be swayed either way."


From: Ken Taylor
Those idiots use the term "murder" and then the media replaces the word "carcass" with "body", "corpse", and even "cadaver".

From: swede
Shuteye: I like being a Republican so I can contemplate the big things in life. I can worry over things like, am I a murderer for killing an elk, or how can we win the war being waged on Jesus, the Church, Christmas, and now it's the war on Thanksgiving. I know a large number of nonhunters, but few real antihunters. Most of the antihunter people I have had the opportunity to talk to, really just hate the "in your face" attitude of slob hunters that should be a great offence to any true sportsman. I know there are some radicals out there , but worrying about them is a waste of time. I guess it is fun as it gives paranoid people something to howl about.

"And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" Luke 6:41

From: lawdy
My brother, a horticulture prof used to hand out cards to all his students, a lot were PETA members, that stated that if ever deathly ill or hurt, no medicine or procedure could be used that involved either research involving animals or their bodies. He also handed papers with all those medicines and procedures listed. It comprised over 50 pages. For some reason, none of his students would ever sign on. He also handed out a doctoral thesis on plant emotions and reactions, including pain, loneliness, and affection.

From: redquebec
I have called my hunting lifestyle murder for years. It's the actual word I use...not to be shocking or funny or maligned.

I am a physician by trade and having studied a lot of neurobiological science I can assure you mammals all have the same emotional equipment we have. For those of you with pets you know what I mean.

I have been disappointed by the "politically correct" terms that are used by hunters. I "harvested" a nice deer. I "filled" my tag. I put "meat in the freezer."

No I didn't...I went into the woods and I MURDERED an animal. I do not make that statement lightly and I do make it out of jest. This mindset keeps my ethics tight and stops me from taking marginal shots or ever taking the act of KILLING lightly.

From: Ambush
When people ask why I kill innocent animals, I always say I never do, only the guilty ones. They ask how I can tell the difference. I say, If they run or hide, they’re guilty of something!!

swede, my sentiments exactly. Well said!

From: Trophyhill
I refuse to be politically correct and will continue to call it what it is. Hunting and killing.

From: redquebec
Yes, my point exactly trophy hill, it is hunting and killing. That's how life for a predator has been since time immemorial.

Correction on my initial post " I do NOT make the statement out of jest."

From: t-roy
Ambush X2^^

I also target their accessories as well. If can can figure out which doe tipped off the buck I was about to shoot the other evening, she’s going down too! :-(

From: Hardchild
Smiles... You are an ELK hunter.

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