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yooper89 30-Nov-19
nogutsnostory 30-Nov-19
WapitiBob 30-Nov-19
Dave 01-Dec-19
From: yooper89
Anybody use basemap? Saw it’s $30 for the year. Wondered how it compares to OnX or Gaia?

It’s fantastic!!

From: WapitiBob
It's on sale for $18. and works as advertised. I have it and still use onX. The offline maps are comparable, both companies use google on their web side. They're all dirt cheap and worth getting to test for a year.

From: Dave
I could never get the online version to work properly. Seemed to be an issue with Firefox and they knew of the issues and never did anything to resolve it. I got rid of it after a year and went back to OnX.

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