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New to Whitetail Hunting need some Info
Whitetail Deer
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Pvdesert 30-Nov-19
Ghost425 30-Nov-19
kevo 30-Nov-19
drycreek 30-Nov-19
ryanrc 01-Dec-19
Bou'bound 01-Dec-19
timex 01-Dec-19
Grey Ghost 01-Dec-19
Russell 01-Dec-19
kota-man 01-Dec-19
Pvdesert 01-Dec-19
WV Mountaineer 01-Dec-19
Hessticles 01-Dec-19
From: Pvdesert
Question #1 Hunting over bait and tree stand is in the bottom of the draw-- is this a good location or should I bring stand location out of bottom and up the hill a little for better wind? I have been blown out of this stand by deer smelling me -- thinking I had good wind but when the wind settled for a few moments on different occasions I got busted???

From: Ghost425
I think hunting when the wind and thermals are in your favor is key.

From: kevo
Bottoms can be tricky to hunt because of unpredictable winds. I'd move to higher ground. Can't say much about hunting deer over bait. Never done it. Not legal in my state and it's not necessary either. Good luck

From: drycreek
Draws and creek bottoms are good places for deer to move, but terrible to hunt if you’re bowhunting. I’d try to find trails where they cross or travel the ridges. Lots of deer will walk just off the tops of ridges parallel to them. Or you could possibly find a saddle in the ridge and set up there. I haven’t had much luck in a tree or tripod in a bottom, wind is just too iffy. My two cents.

Move your bait so you can set stand up on a edge so you can hunt a certain wind

From: ryanrc
Never hunt bottoms. My opinion, but the wind is unforgiving and depending on how they cross it, they can be eye level with you too. I can't think of a single time hunting a bottom has worked out for me. The trails and sign always make me want to try again, but I have been burned enough times to know better.

From: Bou'bound
depending on the bait quality and depth of the draw. You have a reason for them to be there and they will come to the bait. may help offset the natural wariness that swirling winds would otherwise generate. is this a natural bait pile or timed feeder.

From: timex
I wouldn't say never hunt bottoms cause during really windy conditions that's my favorite place to hunt. personally if I were to hunt how you are I'd find a flat about mid mountain & setup there between 10:00 am & 2:00 pm iv killed many a deer on white oak flats during the middle of the day doing all day sits

From: Grey Ghost
Just hang an Ozonics and don’t worry about it. (smirk)


From: Russell
I would consider buying some of the books that the Wensel brothers have written. Brothers of the Bow

From: kota-man
I’ve had great luck hunting bottoms, but it HAS to be windy. Put a stand up on the ridge for light winds and hunt the bottoms when it’s windy.

From: Pvdesert
Thanks guys for the great input. Very helpful

Putting out bait seems to automatically put the deer on edge in my experience. I'm not telling you not do it. Only to be aware that the deer know it did not just magically appear there. The really get skittish around it if you spend much time there. Just something to be aware of. And, get it in an area that the wind doesn't swirl due to terrain. If they do get into the habit of coming in down wind, just set up away from the bait on the down wind side.

From: Hessticles
Exactly what kota said! My best stand is in a heavy timber bottom, which I usually hunt when its windy as they are less spooky. As for playing the wind, I usually never do in my bottom stand during the rut because they come from every direction where I hunt.

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