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VXR vs Vertix
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aDrenalinJunkie21 01-Dec-19
Shaft2Long 01-Dec-19
Franklin 01-Dec-19
BGbasbhat 02-Dec-19
Pat Lefemine 02-Dec-19
Grey Ghost 02-Dec-19
Shaft2Long 02-Dec-19
aDrenalinJunkie21 02-Dec-19
So last year, I decided to upgrade from a Mathews Drenalin I got when I was 16 and bought a Vertix - it's awesome, I've killed 4 deer with it already, and it's a fantastic bow.

Out of sheer curiosity, has anyone shot the VRX and the Vertix? My original plan was to wait until 2020 to buy a new bow, and I caved after testing the Vertix for a friend. So I'm curious to know if I really left a lot on the table by caving. Not that it will change anything, I'll be shooting the Vertix for a decade roughly.

From: Shaft2Long
It’s just a guess but if you compared the vertix and the traverse last year the VXR probably feels like the traverse did when and if you shot it.

From: Franklin
IMO....the advances in the new bows will be incremental and minor in the grand scheme of things. I think the "earth shattering breakthroughs" have already happened.

From: BGbasbhat
what Franklin said

From: Pat Lefemine
I have shot and reviewed both bows. In my honest opinion, the VXR is a shorter version of the Vertix. If I had a 28" or shorter draw length, and was shopping for a new bow I would buy the VXR all day long. If I bought the Vertix last year, and love it, then there is no need to buy the VXR. I would hold onto the Vertix. They are both fantastic bows. The differences between the two are incremental as Franklin already mentioned.

From: Grey Ghost

What differences did you notice with the Vertix compared to the Drenalin? I'm still shooting my Drenalin, and it's still deadly accurate, but I'm starting to get the itch for a new bow.


From: Shaft2Long
You’ll have a much more efficient cam system. You’ll pick up a lot of speed. A much better back wall and a better grip. Also the 31.5 is a inch and a half longer than the vertix.

Grey Ghost I sent you a Pm with more detailed analysis from someone who went from Drenalin to Vertix.

Everyone’s comments are confirming my suspicion that I don’t think I made a “bad” choice by jumping the string a little bit on my decision to upgrade.

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