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midwest 04-Dec-19
From: Busta'Ribs
As a new On X user, I'm trying to figure out some of the features, and also trying to figure out if I need a gps, or if my iPhone is adequate, especially in areas where cell coverage is in/out. I hunt places that are mixed private, public and walk-in, and of course, always being legal is my primary concern. But I've also read it's possible to drop a pin to mark a spot and then navigate to it. That is really interesting as I do a lot of spot/stalk alone with no one to hand signal for me, and I've blown more than enough stalks once things begin to look different from the other side. So that feature alone is gold if I can figure out how to do it. If anyone can provide a bit more clarity on the actual pin drop process and nav between the cell/gps it would be much appreciated. I should also ask first if this is legal. I know we can't use radio contact with a partner to guide during a stalk, but can you guide yourself with an electronic pin dropped waypoint, say near a bedded buck, and use a gps to navigate to it legally?

From: HDE
Go to tools and add a waypoint. Then just watch the screen from time to time as you walk based on your realtime location and the waypoint pin you dropped.

From: midwest
You don't need cell service. Your phone GPS works without it. You just need to download the maps of the areas you will be hunting before you go then put your phone in airplane mode and go "off grid". This will help your battery last much longer.

I don't use a gps anymore and haven't for the last couple seasons. It's truly golden.

From: cnelk
OnX Tech Tip = Be sure to close the app if you toggle between cell service or airplane mode. DO NOT ATTEMPT WHILE APP IS OPEN! Or you will curse fluently and loudly when all of your pre-loaded maps disappear.

From: WapitiBob
You need to have service to send a waypoint or track to a hunting partner thru the app. This is the case with all the gps phone apps.

From: Grey Ghost

I can't add much other than, when you download your maps ahead of time, make sure you have all the layers that you like on before downloading. IIRC, the smaller the area you download the greater the detail. I do mine in a 5 mile square size.

You'll love the app, and your old GPS will remain at camp most of the time.

Good luck,


From: Bob H in NH
I routinely drop pins on spots I want to go to. Make a nice loop. Advise, turn on tracking and it shows your path, easy to adjust course that way

From: APauls
You do not need cell service to use all GPS functions. Much like a "normal" GPS. You can still drop waypoints etc while offline. You can not track a different person while offline, as the phone has no way to communicate with a different person's phone.

As far as dropping a pin and using measurements I think I know what you are referring to. It is possible, but would be annoying to do using only the app. (Depending on degree of accuracy you want) When spot and stalk hunting I routinely carry compass and GPS and rangefinder. So let's say I see an animal, or hear a bugle and I determine that animal is 642 yards NNW from my location. (either by guess or way of rangefinder) I will use my extremely basic GPS to plot a waypoint 642 yards NNW from my location. On my extremely basic GPS unit I can then walk around and stalk in on that location using terrain features to my advantage while never losing the location of that waypoint. I can always look at my GPS and see myself closing in on that pin, while simultaneously enjoying a "distance to pin" measurement so I know EXACTLY how many yards to that pin.

On the phone, you would need to use the line measurement tool, and figure out the location. You can then drop your pin and see yourself (the blue dot) working on the location. However, if you ever want a distance readout, you once again need to measure using the line tool. Alternatively, just from looking at the screen you can tell if you are close etc, but you won't know exact yardage unless you actually use the measuring tool.

Hope that helps.

From: midwest
You don't need to use the measuring tool. Just click on the waypoint and hit "go to waypoint" and it will give you constant distance and heading.

From: Rob in VT
Does anyone know how often the owner names get updated? My app is showing owners that I know are old. Not sure when it will refresh?

From: CurveBow
Rob in VT - I have provided some new owner names near me but the old ones are still listed. I think they need to get the info from the Town/County tax office. I've also notified OnX about incorrect boundary lines (determined incorrect via property deed & surveyor), but the old, incorrect lines remain (tax office wrong too!).

An issue I have is with the aerial photos used being summer photos. Here in NYS I'm always looking at timbered areas and most of the time you cant tell the deciduous trees from the pines, The photos should be winter shots that could tell a LOT more tree & ground detail. I still like OnX a lot, but this is a big pet peeve...


From: shiloh
The biggest issue that I have is having to zoom to 200’ to be able to see the most updated map. That map is usually a winter shot, but when you zoom out it shows a summer shot where the trees are full foliage. This is really the only issue I’ve had.

From: Surfbow
Rob and Curvebow, OnX's data is only as good as the sources they get it from, so if names or boundary lines are off it's due to your county's ownership data. We bought our house last summer and our name only recently showed up as the owners. Same for the aerial images, they have to be sourced from somewhere else until OnX does enough business to pay for their own satellite!

From: SDHNTR(home)
anybody know if you can share a mass of waypoints all at once? Or do you need to do so individually?

Say a buddy draws the same premium unit you just had. You have 25 waypoints in the unit. Can I send them all to him in one fell swoop? Individually is a pita!

From: WapitiBob
Export them and email them. Buddy can import into the web app and sync.

From: midwest
Easy peasy, SDHNTR. Open OnX on your PC. Click on "My Content" on the LH side of the screen. Waypoints are listed. Select all the ones you want to share and export. This is how you share your waypoints to google earth as well.

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