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Who here string walks vs gap
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Been trying the instinctive thing since I've started to mess with a trad but want to go to either gap or string walk just wanting to here what's better

From: Ambush
I use a fixed crawl in order to get a point-on of about twenty two yards. I have to aim. And I'm not talented enough to string walk, especially in a hunting situation.

Yea I was thinking of finding what range directly under nock is then go down to find 20 and make a mark with some serving

From: K Cummings
I use a combination of both, it's called a "fixed crawl."

Jimmy Blackmon explains it well.


From: oldgoat
Seems like a tuning nightmare to me to fixed crawl and string walk! Would sure be deadly if you can get a fixed blade to tune to both though!

From: Glunt@work
If you cant your bow, string walking or fixed crawl doesn't work as well as it does with a vertical style like Jimmy shoots.

From: Jaquomo
If you're hunting known distances all the time or out of a tree, and/or 3D, then fixed crawl can be deadly. If you're hunting unknown distances and on the ground, like most of what you'll do in CO, then definitely gap with three-under. You can cant your bow with a gap system. Otherwise with fixed crawl or string walking you need a vertical bow all the time. Again, that doesn't work very well in many ground hunting situations at unknown distances.

From: DeerNut
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From: Jaquomo
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From: Tilzbow
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From: smarba
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From: drycreek
I’m glad you put up that vid, the only thing I know about trad shooting is that I’m not worth a damn past about 12 yards. I’ve been thinking more and more about it as my shoulders get worse though. I can still pull the bow fine, but my left shoulder won’t let me hold it steady enough to line up peep, pins, and target. With my recurve I shoot much quicker and (bonus!), it’s much lighter.

From: yooper89
I've got a pretty solid cant so I gap shoot. My point on is around 35 yards so that helps - but I also shoot 32" arrows. Never cut them down because they fly straight as is.

From: GF
JMO, the smart money for hunting is Gapstinctive.

I check to make sure that my nock is lined up directly under my arrow and my arrow is lined up with whatever I plan to hit, then shift my focus to the smallest spot I can make out on the target and let hand-eye coordination take over from there.

It’s the same way I shoot iron sights on a rifle make sure the bead is settled in the notch and then shoot where I wanna hit. Difference is I’ve shot so many thousands of arrows in practice that checking the alignment at normal hunting range is not strictly necessary.

The guys who talk about “ignoring” their arrow are basically telling you to mount the sights on your rifle with chewing gum.

And if you’re not too fussy about what Is or Is Not “Trad”, a peep sight is a hell of a learning aid. Smaller the better; you simply can’t NOT anchor in exactly the same place that way, and that is the #1 most important step toward not having to check. ,

I like split-finger, but we have a guy at the club who came over from a compound and shoots 3U and DAMN, did he get good FAST! I’d even consider switching if I weren’t so dang stubborn, and besides… My buddy at the club told me that he thinks I’m better between 25 and 40 but I am at 25 and in, and that is 100% because of where my point on distance is. Three-under shortens it up quite a bit and is probably the better choice for Whitetail distances.

From: GF

GF's embedded Photo
GF's embedded Photo
This was a very good walk-up for me from about 65 yards. One of the 10-ring hits was the first shot from the longest range.

I don’t use a conscious Gapping method, so that’s what I still have to work on. Like I said - I’m a work in progress...

From: HH
Gapstinctive guess?

Gap with either split finger of 3 under. I have on occasion with a glass bow shot 3 under with a 20yd crawl but I still gap off that. Your going to lose speed pulling more of bottom limb for most guys. You can cheat it somewhat and drop you 3 under anchor to gain some elevation and PO.

3 under and SW with a selfbow is a big no go. You can do it, but one day in near future you'll have a big surprise it front of your nose. If you like your selfbow and want to keep it a one piece, shoot split.

Look forward to seeing you GF at the IBO stake in 2020.


I would play around with both but in my opinion gap is the way to go for hunting, or purely instinctive/gapstinctive

String walking creates tuning problems and doesn’t allow you to properly shoot a truly “traditional” bow. These new mettle riser ILFs are almost as ugly as a compound lol

For all the people saying that instinctive isn’t a good method I’m kind of surprised because it has worked very well for me both in tournaments and the field.

I mean I’m not stupid about it, I have a clue what my gaps are and have a lengthy sustained hold

From: Scar Finga
figure out your point on and adjust from there. I shoot three under and use my middle finger to anchor in the corner of my mouth. I am almost looking straight down my arrow with that anchor. My point on is a little different with different bows and bow/ arrow weight but typically about 35-40 yards will be my point on. then it's just a gap game, and it's pretty easy to figure out. Just lots of practice:/

I have a bit of experience with most of the methods of shooting bare bow mentioned in previous posts. While my experience both, in shooting and in hunting, may be limited relative to other contributors to this conversation, I feel that some pretty baseless comments and ideas are expressed above.

First of all, there is really very little difference between gap and fixed crawl. In fact, fixed crawl shooting is gap shooting. All you are doing with a crawl is changing your point on yardage. You still need to know your gaps for all other distances. Would you like to have a 40 yard point on? Then shoot gap with you fingers against the arrow. Or, would you rather have a 25 yard point on? If so, simply slide down the string a little.

The notion that shooting pure gap is better for unknown yardages than a fixed crawl seems like total nonsense to me. I mean what good is it to know my 25 yard sight picture (gap) if I don’t know whether my target is actually at 25 yards? Do the laws of physics change once when my index finger touches the underside of my arrow nock, then gravity and velocity no longer come into play? Or does that only happen once I cross the Mississippi. Am I missing something?

It doesn’t matter what aiming method you use, knowing the distance to your target is important. Even guys with pins and peeps use range finders.

The only real difference between using a crawl and the other methods is the tuning issue. How big of a factor this is depends on a number of variables. Elevated rests certainly can help. As can having a bowyer tiller a bow specifically for a fixed crawl. You certainly don’t need an ilf rig to shoot a fixed crawl. Nor does your bow need to be any less traditional. Seriously people, archery has been around a long time. If you think nobody ever figured out they could get a different, perhaps, more practical sight picture by changing where they grab the string or where they anchor until metal risers and tiller bolts came out must be a goofy.

Give it a try, see if it works for you. Face walking is another very practical method for bow hunters.

From: GF
Naw, that face-walking couldn’t POSSIBLY work, or it wouldn’t be prohibited in competition!


JMO - If you’re not concerned about being disqualified from certain competitive classes at a 3-D shoot, it’s a really good idea to experiment with a whole bunch of different approaches to the problem. I’m pretty sure I will never feel bad about having made a clean kill on an animal by use of a technique that is not “traditional“ enough for some people…

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