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Manitoba Bear hunt openings
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Stickflingers's embedded Photo
Stickflingers's embedded Photo
So Stickflingers is expanding for May of this year and also offering a new all weapons camp. Very excited after guiding in the new areas last spring with the potential they hold for big and colourful bears. Openings in both camps. Text 204-797-8773

From: Shrewski
Not a better bear camp around. May have to bring my flintlock up some time Ryan. Sure miss my hunts with you. Too many things to do and not enough time. You and the family have a Merry Christmas!

From: JL
I would love to try and get a bear up there with my pistol. Maybe one day the govt there will allow that.

You won’t find a better hunt folks imo

Thx guys! Yes I agree that the government up here needs to address some issues we’ve had for years.

I have 17 openings between the 2 camps for anyone looking for a large group or single spots!

From: Sawpilot75
Is there fishing with boats available on this hunt? I know from the trad community this is a great hunt but I have never asked about fishing? I would like to be able to fish mornings and bear hunt evenings? Just curious.

Fishing is the responsibility of the hunters but very available within 15 minutes. There is the possibility of a boat being in camp this year to use but can’t promise. Hunting is by so far our priority we would be stretched too thin with all we have to do tending to baits.

Still spots.


Stickflingers's embedded Photo
Stickflingers's embedded Photo
Text 204-797-8773

I will be up with Ryan in late May - really looking forward to the hunt!

From: flyingbrass
Excellent outfitter, I haven't been with stickflingers but I've talked to him and He is great.


Stickflingers's embedded Photo
Stickflingers's embedded Photo
Maybe a silver one? Text 204-797-8773


Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
Or a chocolate one. Had a great time up with Ryan a few years ago. I’ll be back up there after crossing a few others off of my bucket list.

Still have a few openings in my Trad camp and all weapons camp. Text 204-797-8773

From: carcus
Ryan you mention Trad camp? I thought it was a bow only camp?

It’s a bow camp yes! Often it’s full of Trad guys and now with a second camp (all weapons) we end up referring to it as the Trad camp,,,, just due to numbers. Both camps are set up with close shots and low stands and I have a few openings in each still if anyone is interested. 204-797-8773

From: Chief 419
Beautiful chocolate bear Mike.

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