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This post is not about rifle hunting . It is a bout a great hunting experience. I confess I did carry a rifle. I had back surgery in October so I didn't bow hunt. I finally got out on a limited basis in rifle season. I sent a local landowner an e-mail asking if I could park close to the woods I intended to hunt. I got a response in a few minutes to go ahead. I got another response a few minutes that changed my season. He told me there was another hunter without a place to hunt. He said the guy seemed sincere so He could hunt too if I screened him. I contacted. K. K jumped at the chance to go with me. I also soon learned that She was a 30 something lady. We meet in the freezing rain so I could show her around. She and I hunted together a couple times in the next few days. The final afternoon of season came and we picked the same spot for our final sit. We sat far enough apart so we were covering different runways. We walked companionably in the dark. Although we did not take I will remember this as a successful season. There is always room in the woods for another enthusiastic respectful hunter. The land owner met her and he agrees.

good work, thanks.

Good stuff. Well done and glad u were able to get back into the woods!

From: t-roy
Good on you, greenmountain! Hope your back heals up as well.

From: fisherick
Congrats on mentoring a new hunter, we need more hunters to introduce people to a quality outdoor experience.

From: SBH
As it should be. Well done. No shame in packing heat, rather be out in the woods than stuck at home regardless of weapon. Hope you heal up soon.

From: PECO
This is a great story, one of the best I've seen on here in a while. It is great to help out other hunters.

From: BigOk
Nice job.

From: Duke
No need to confess to carrying heat. It’s all good! Thanks for sharing—

Well done to mentor another who wishes to hunt...regardless of method.

From: bowhunter24
Well done sir we need to help every chance we can! Thanks

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