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colorado unit 40 3rd season deer
Mule Deer
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bowman22 04-Dec-19
wildwilderness 04-Dec-19
ryanrc 04-Dec-19
Whocares 04-Dec-19
GF 04-Dec-19
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SDHNTR(home) 05-Dec-19
From: bowman22
im thinking about burning my points on a 3rd season muley tag in unit 40. i was wondering what everyone thought about the quality of the deer there. i was thinking about taking horses into the roadless country south of the river and covering the draws and canyons that are farthest from roads and hoping there are a few older bucks to chase.

The biggest bucks by far are on private. Better off using your gps and fence sitting, preferably by an alfalfa field.

From: ryanrc
Just make sure you are an ethical distance away from the fence line.;)

From: Whocares
Yah, that's become another sad thread. C'mon guys.

From: GF
By third season, you had better have access to some low-lying areas. They don’t have to be private, but you sure don’t want to use up any points to hunt an area after the deer have all migrated out…

From: Jims
There usually is private land issues to contend with. Some of the country would be tough to access with horses (lots of brush and cliffs). Also may have problems crossing fences with horses?

From: SDHNTR(home)
I don't see horses being a benefit in that part of the unit for the reasons listed above. Its a bunch of badlands and cliffy breaks. A raft and good hiking boots might work better for that country if that's really where you want to hunt. But if you value your time as much or more than your money, pay an outfitter for private access and you'll kill a big buck. Unit 40 just isn't the unit for DIY without LOTS of boots on the ground research, scouting, and fence skirting.

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