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From: FrigidArrows

I am looking for a fully outfitted elk hunt to take my father on. He has always wanted to go, just never had the funds. I myself would be capable of the public game, but I don't know if he is anymore. I am very novice when it comes to regs, license requirements, draws, etc...... of western states. I have only done General deer in MT.

Any state would be fine (reminder I don't know how outfitter work, if they have dedicated tags, or a hunter would still have to draw). Rifle hunt. Nice bull for reasonable price. Not looking for record books, but a nice 6x would sure make him happy.

I have grown very fond of all the knowledge BS brings. Thanks in advance.

From: Quinn @work
What's your budget and would the hunt be for your Dad only of for both of you hunting? This will help give you some options to consider.

From: Pegger
I have hunted with Montana Elk and Trout for 9yrs straight. This next September will be my 10th. 1st class operation in every way of the sense. Please feel free to reach out to me for more info. Great ranches, great food, great guides and an awesome experience.

Rocking R ranch

From: deerslayer
The musselshell guys might be worth a look

From: KHNC
DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER CODY CARR IN MONTANA. That is all i have to offer. Good luck!

From: Whocares
Jordan, Bear Mountain Outfitters in northern Colorado would be a great place to take your Dad with an excellent chance at a bull. A 5x5 is more common there and is a very nice archery trophy. And I've seen some real dandy 6x6's taken there. The hunt would be considered relatively easy terrain but definitely includes some hill climbing. There are two camps, one is rustic with nice cabins and hot showers and good meals, the other all modern and awesome views. Daily access to hunting areas is by 4x4 vehicles. Quite reasonably priced compared to some. Brad Probst and wife Kelley is the outfitter.

From: Whocares
OOPS! Just read your post again. You said rifle hunt. My bad. Yes, they do rifle hunts, but only out of the main lodge. Those are draw hunts. Archery tags are OTC.

From: Jaquomo
Bear Mountain Ranch. Second and third season rifle bull tags are OTC, lots of nice bulls and relatively easy terrain, but a "real" hunt. It's where I'd take my dad if he was still alive and looking for that type of hunt.

From: Bob H in NH
There is a valid reason to not give out every hunter, some hunters don't want their name/contact info given out.

From: uteangler
Personally, I would recommend Mike's Outfitting in Alberta. Between the amount of game, the beautiful country, the awesome camp, and the knowledge of Mike and his guides, that would be my first choice, if I wasn't dead set on a monster bull.

From: digs
If your father wants a guaranteed shot on a bull and have it free range then look into outfitters that have a dedicated herd that moves through it lease/land. The Ted Turner ranch in Arizona is one that I used for a cow hunt. Pricey but effective. If mobility is an issue make sure you discuss that with the outfitter in advance so they can be prepared. Out of all the states I hunted for elk with my bow, Montana has been very good to me. Hope that helps.

From: yooper89
My cousin reached out to Brad at BMO earlier in the year to try to book an archery hunt. You may want to get in line. He’s booked solid next year and into ‘21. Apparently words gotten out about their success. Great outfit, awesome people.

Yes, he gets about 80% return hunters. Fun place.

From: SteveB
BMO is only a 4 day hunt just to put that in the mix

Ute Trail Guide Service or La Garita Outfitters both are amazing... Colorado

Steve Chappell Colorado hunts would definitely be top on my list.

Rockin R Ranch would be a great father /son place. Get er done!

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