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Early archery in ND or Manitoba
Whitetail Deer
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rattling_junkie 06-Dec-19
leftee 07-Dec-19
Dakota 07-Dec-19
Thornton 07-Dec-19
Elite 1 07-Dec-19
Aces11 07-Dec-19
APauls 07-Dec-19
Shawn 07-Dec-19
Tyler 08-Dec-19
M.Pauls 08-Dec-19
jmiller 08-Dec-19
SaltyB 08-Dec-19
Anyone ever hunted the very early hunts in ND or Manitoba? Always thought that looked interesting and a good way to add a deer hunt to the schedule if not going elk hunting. any feedback would be appreciated.

MB if you can get one of the Pauls' brothers as your guide.

From: leftee
ND can be a great hunt.Worth looking into.Maybe a velvet buck if interested.

From: Dakota
The South Dakota archery dear season starts September 1 and it can be pretty productive.

From: Thornton
Don't hunt Manitoba unless you have a good crop field to hunt over.

From: Elite 1
N D with lack of gun tags lots of open ground (badlands). Some good bucks out there.

From: Aces11
ND as a NR you have to draw a mule deer tag, but can purchase whitetail OTC. You will have little competition on public land during the week.

From: APauls
I’m not sure if David is yanking our chain or what ;)

I will say the first week of season here in MB is the easiest way to kill a big buck in my opinion. When we had multiple buck tags I killed my target deer every time by mid September. I’m not saying that to be uppity, anyone could do it. I just can’t stomach being done that quick with only one tag. At that time of my life deer was the only thing I hunted and I had way more time than I do now.

If an outfitter has enough time and food to hunt it should be about as slam dunk as free range hunts come. Back when I would hunt bucks for early season I’d find a buck I wanted then I’d watch that property all night from several vantage points driving or walking around. Once I’d put 5-10 full nights in scouting you pretty much have them dialled in. It seems like the big bucks always like to be separate if only slightly from the crowd and have a preferred feeding area on a particular field. Then it’s simply a matter of waiting for right wind and hoping you get him before he patterns you. If you get a cold front it seems nearly guaranteed. They often feed very early as well like 4pm even the really big ones. Like I say, if you have the time to scout and you have a good food source, anyone can do it. It’s as straightforward as hunts come. But you’re going to have to outlast the mosquitos.

From: Shawn
Just do some research. ND public is very good early, folks just have to realize that the pressure early on public is almost Non existent. Observation is the key for a few days before hanging and killing. Shawn

From: Tyler
I can second what Adam says. Early season Manitoba is the only time I can kill a good buck!

From: M.Pauls
Yep. I’d imagine both ND and MB would be similar in that, although I only have experience in MB. Glassing beanfields and canola in the summer can be so lucrative. I’ve always said if a guy put in as much time then, as he did in the rut, he’d likely have better odds then in the rut. But rut hunting is fun so I’ve fallen guilty of it as well.

My only concern would be, if hunting with an outfitter, would he be zeroing in as hard on a mature buck for you and “keeping him warm” just for you? I doubt it, as it would just not be feasible for an outfitter to do so more often than not. It’s a super good tactic for DIY hunting but I wonder how good it would be when being outifitted. I suppose if the outfitter only had a few hunters early season it could work

From: jmiller
The early season in ND is starting to get quite a bit of presssure on public land. I'd look to the central part of the state if I wanted to hunt public. Sloughs and crop fields out of a ground blind.

From: SaltyB
I second the ND early pressure is getting bad. That and it's a draw, no points. Last 2 years I've applied and not gotten a tag.

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