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Sibling Rivalry
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JohnMC 10-Dec-19
GF 10-Dec-19
Medicinemann 10-Dec-19
HuntinHabit 10-Dec-19
Supernaut 10-Dec-19
Missouribreaks 10-Dec-19
timex 10-Dec-19
From: JohnMC

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Found this funny and sad. Also stupid on both parts. If you are illegal baiting don’t call out game warden out to your stand.

From: GF
Sounds like those two deserve each other!

From: Medicinemann
Interesting family dynamics at Christmas this year!!

From: HuntinHabit
I don't see anything that the complainant brother did wrong. It was the suspect brother that baited and sprayed 'liquid fence', unless I'm reading it wrong.

From: Supernaut
Crazy story and I'll second the "interesting family dynamics at Christmas this year" comment.

I knew 2 brothers when I was growing up that beat the piss out of each other constantly. We all wrestled together and they would get into full blown, knock down, drag out fights in practice about once a week. The coaches would just let them go at it. The funny thing is if you messed with one of them, you were getting both of them. They were tough kids. Families are strange sometimes.

I wonder if the repellent worked?

From: timex
I knew 3 brothers that regularly fought each other the youngest & toughest Craig was a very good life long friend of mine unfortunately alcoholism was prevalent in that family & all 3 brothers drank themselves dead very sad

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