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Bow for 8 Year old
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From: KC9
I brought up a old thread and decided probably best to bring up a new one, more recent help. My granddaughter is 8, and is hooked. She was sitting in a stand this year with her dad and watched him arrow a deer. She is hooked and wants to start shooting a bow. We are looking for a bow for her. What would be best way to go? Is there a bow she can get now, and be able to hunt with in 3/4 years? Any thoughts ideas on a bow would be appreciated Thanks

From: Glunt@work
My son usually shoots a longbow but likes shooting his compound as well. He has a Fleetwood Envoy (now they have an Envoy 2 out). For the price it shoots great and has a huge adjustment range for weight and draw length without needing a press.

From: Trial153
New Breed Spawn. My son is 8 and he does well with his. It's a quality bow.

From: LINK
Most of the youth bows are similar in all aspects. My two oldest have a Hoyt ruckus and a bear cruzer lite. Both have the same adjustment ranges and are the same quality. I believe the diamond infinite edge might adjust higher to 70# and that’s most likely what my 3rd will buy in a year or two. Like adult bows most are similar and it’s a preference issue but a kid is going to get used to whatever they use. Leave the quiver off the bow and try to keep the mass weight down.

From: GF
I started my younger boy with a lightweight longbow from Black Rhino and he shot if from the time he was 5 ‘til he was 11.

Top quality, made in USA and they have a trade-in/trade-up program.

From: fubar racin
My boys both started with a pse mini burner my youngest still shoots it my oldest upgraded to one of the diamond edge models.

From: coelker
Mathews Mission Craze bows. All You need. My daughter started with hers at age 9 and last year at age 12 she was pulling 40 pounds and killed her antelope!!! My son is shooting the same bow just newer. They adjust enough that I can shoot it at 60 pounds then I can adjust it to where my son can shoot it pretty easy.

From: ryanrc

ryanrc's Link
My twins both have diamond atomic bows. They will grow with them and hopefully they will hunt small game like grouse with them.

From: Rgiesey
Started my kids and grandkids with recurves. Worked very well for learning shooting and having fun. Then compounds to hunt. Shot deer between 8-12 years old. My grown kids hunt with both recurves and compounds

From: elvspec
I started with a homemade longbow and a recurve which is as Rgiesey said are fun and easy since there's no dealing with a release and sight. Plus you learn the instinct of shooting and judging distance.

If your go the compound route I second for the Bear Cruzer Lite. I bought one for my daughter and it could easily be shot for 4 years plus. Adjustable poundage and draw length and is a pretty decent shooting bow.

From: Shawn
PSE Stinger X

From: McCree
Mathews Mission is what my 6yr old daughter got last year for Christmas. She loves it and shoots it weekly if not daily.

PSE Mini Burner, just bought one for my 7 year old. He loves it

From: KC9
Great info here. Thank you

From: Mule Power
Isn’t the draw length a bit long on that Mission? What’s the range?

From: Mailman
Diamond Infinite Edge. My 11 year old granddaughter has had one for 2 years now. She is up to 35 lbs. It adjusts up to 30 inches and 70 lbs. Can go as low as 5 lbs.

Infinite Edge is a good bow for her to learn on and it will adjust as she grows. If that's to heavy, the Atomic is a much lighter mass bow.

From: 32Timbers
Check out the Quest Centec NXT. Just ordered one for my 8 year old.

Mission line of bows. My son shoots a Craze and my daughter got the newer model of the Hammr. Both shoot really well and growth with the kid. I think they both will go up to 70# and up to 30" draw. Should be the last bow I will have to buy them.

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