Stolen in Tennessee
Whitetail Deer
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BOW-MAN's Link
My brothers 40 year plus trophies have been taken from our home back in May of this year 10 big whitetail deer mounts My brother had passed away from a knee operation and his deer mounts at his residence were taken the police have no results finding them I just wanted to get Some information out to my bow hunting brothers in Tennessee the mounts might be In the area of Winchester Tennessee up into Chattanooga Tennessee I have detailed pictures of all 10 mounts That I will display.

From: RK
Link does not work

So sorry to hear that. Scumbags everywhere it seems like

Unless those deer are REALLY large record book deer they are not worth much to sell

The best place to sell those things if that is what they are going to with them are to bars restaurants and home and office decorators. I used to buy and sell lots of that stuff. They are very valuable to the owner but past that not much

Good luck!!

From: Grey Ghost
Your link isn't working, BOW-MAN.

I'm so sorry for your loss. How does one die from a knee operation, anyway? I hope you find his mounts, and the thieves are caught and prosecuted.


From: lewis
Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother and his belongings I just had knee replacement surgery and between infection and blood clots it nothing to take lightly.Hope you can bring justice to those scumbags Good Luck Lewis

From: HH
Get those pics up. We seed if these mounts turn up.

Just like GG to know more than a bacteria infection.

Yep, bacteria can be deadly.

We keep an eye out Scott in central TN when in town.


From: Tennhunter
Like the others said sorry for the loss, I live in Kingsport TN and travel to Chattanooga quite often for work and I’m a sucker for local bars and outdoor shops so I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and get some pics posted so we can catch the scum bags.

From: Huntcell
After surgery infections can cause serious problems up to and including death .

From: lewis
We are in the Crossville area so I’ll put the word out Good luck Lewis

From: Hh76
was that the only thing taken?

If so, I'd look around and make sure it wasn't a family member or friend that laid claim to them.

From: woodguy65
Post them up here- also get them on facebook in your neck of the woods - that will help more than anything. If your not on FB surely you know someone close to you that is - people can share your posting and thousands of folks in your area will see it. Good luck and sorry for your loss.

From: timex
sorry for your loss both of them my son's mother in law broke her leg & was dead 6 months later infection in her blood

From: Jaquomo
Likely sawed the antlers off and sold them for the bone value. Easier to quickly get rid of that way. You should check with any antler buyers in the area. That really sucks, and I'm sorry for the loss of your brother.

A friend who was a worldwide hunter had his entire massive trophy room wiped out by thieves. LEO never found any of the mounts. Not sure what people do with this stuff after they steal it. It's not like electronics or tools they can pawn.

From: Bou'bound
They had to be the least valuable things monetarily in the home. Senseless. Shame.

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