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From: Bucks-n-Bows

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Came across this story recently and just thought it was interesting

From: midwest
Ol' Mossy Horns.

What's the sad part?

From: JSW
That's not a sad story, it's a great story. Even though Al didn't get the buck, he got to hunt a world record buck for 4 years. Any of us would love to be able to do that.

What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

From: Franklin
LOL Midwest....I thought the same thing. I read about the buck 30 years ago in a magazine....I was thinking it got stolen or burnt up in a house fire.

From: Hawkeye
Really enjoyed that story and didn't know all the details. Took me back to my early years with no mention of trail cams, camo, or jealousy. Just good guys all chasing a dream. Thanks for sharing:)

From: jmiller
One of my favorite stories of a big buck. I've read the account numerous times.

From: Wideone
I live in Hastings and obviously know the parties involved. Heck of a buck for sure. I've shot some decent bucks with my bow but haven't seen any quite this big. Ha

From: 12yards
No mention of jealousy, but there may have been some. No?

From: Grey Ghost
As I read that story, I kept thinking how different, and less exciting it would have been, if the hunters would have been using trail cameras to find the legendary buck.

I once hunted the same Muley buck for 4 years. I named him Ol' Split because of his split G3 and G4 tines on both sides. I was obsessed with that monster buck. My story had a similar bitter sweet ending. I wound up finding him dead, presumably from old age, or stress from the rut. His body was still warm, so he had expired not long before I found him. There wasn't a wound, or any abnormal marks on him. He had just laid down and died.


From: Brotsky
12yards, I'm jealous and I wasn't even involved!

From: Schmitty78
Awesome story! Two years after I bought my property I had a similar experience with the biggest buck I’ve ever laid eyes on. Chased him for two seasons, had him within 70 yards during bow season three times the last year he was alive. Shot him opening day of our rifle season but never found him. That following spring during turkey season the neighbor found him out in the middle of a CRP field, nothing but bones, surprisingly his rack wasn’t chewed on at all. Told the kid the story and tried convincing him into letting me have it but he declined. He later had it scored and it grossed 230” nontypical. I was definitely sad, but those two seasons are still the most fun I’ve had in the deer woods to date!!!

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