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Will 11-Dec-19
wkochevar 11-Dec-19
njbuck 11-Dec-19
BTM 11-Dec-19
MPN 11-Dec-19
'Ike' (Phone) 11-Dec-19
Oryx35 12-Dec-19
From: Will
Hi All, Does anyone have an opinion on hunting with Ward's outfittiers in AZ in September. Any experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated. TIA

From: wkochevar
Outifitter- great, AZ in September - Hot

From: njbuck
What are you hunting for, coues or mule deer? I have hunted both with Steven and he will put you on either species no doubt about it. For coues deer you will be primarily hunting out of a blind over mineral licks or water. If you put your time in and have patience, you will get your opportunity at a nice buck. Mule deer are mostly spot and stalk and you will see a good number of good bucks.

From: BTM
Hunted with Steven for both elk and Coues. Very good hunts and very good operation. PM me if you want my write-ups.

From: MPN
Check the outfitter reports for my hunt review from last August. Good outfit, wouldn’t hesitate to book with Ward’s.

Great guy...Chiggers in the summer, not so much! :-)

Steven Ward is one of the best!

From: Oryx35
My review is in the outfitters report, but I wouldn't hesitate to book with Ward's again. I hunted Coues in late August and saw some phenomenal bucks.

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