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Moose Poacher Gets Lifetime Ban
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Kannuck 12-Dec-19
mn_archer 12-Dec-19
spike78 12-Dec-19
Kevin Dill 12-Dec-19
JL 12-Dec-19
mn_archer 12-Dec-19
Clipper66 12-Dec-19
[email protected] 12-Dec-19
From: Kannuck

Kannuck's Link

Not sure if the link will work, but it looks like these scumbags got what was coming to them.

From: mn_archer
40 sets of moose antlers?

Sounds like these guys were earning an income from selling the illegal moose meat.

From: spike78
Good deal in MA they probably would have gotten probation!

From: Kevin Dill

From: JL

JL's Link
There's a few articles on this case. Some natives were involved along with this butcher shop.

From: mn_archer
Kevin, does Canada have a reciprocal agreement between provinces?

From: Clipper66
Canada does not have an official reciprocal agreement; however, each province can have specific legislation that makes it unlawful for anyone to be eligible for a hunting licence if they are prohibited/suspended anywhere else ( including in the US).

Alberta is an example of a province that has legislation that prohibits anyone from obtaining a hunting licence that is currently suspended from anywhere.

My guess is that a lifetime ban on hunting will work like when they take a guy's license after multiple DUIs. They often still drive and still drive drunk.

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