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Barry Wensel - ETAR Seminar 2019
Whitetail Deer
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Russell 12-Dec-19
Busta'Ribs 12-Dec-19
RK 12-Dec-19
Hawkeye 12-Dec-19
tinecounter 13-Dec-19
Russell 13-Dec-19
From: Russell

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Thanks again to Uncle Barry for sharing his knowledge.

From: Busta'Ribs
Great job Barry! I’ve been to Barry’s boot camp and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It’s a shame he stopped doing them. Get his DVD’s, the info is priceless!

From: RK
He is the best. I've learned so much from him through the years

From: Hawkeye
I agree and really enjoyed his latest DVD's. Great stuff!

From: tinecounter
An archery legend. Enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

From: Russell
I met Gene back in the mid-80s when he was doing Whitetail seminars. He tried to talk me into shooting a recurve. Sorry Gene, maybe I'll go back to recurves someday.

Attended Barry's Bootcamp a few years ago. I have definitely learned and continue to learn from him. It's amazing his drive and determination to hunt mature whitetails the way he does.

I'm looking forward to order and his latest DVDs that are downloadable or something like that.

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