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Stickflingers 12-Dec-19
Kevin Dill 13-Dec-19
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APauls 13-Dec-19
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Stickflingers 13-Dec-19
MichaelArnette 13-Dec-19

Stickflingers's Link
Check out what we’re all about!

From: Kevin Dill
Endorsement. For true-blue bowhunters who want to experience one of the finest overall bear adventures...daylight till after dark....there just isn't anything or anyone better than Ryan's camp and his people.

From: M.Pauls
I highly recommend Stickflingers to anyone considering a bear hunt. Try and find a negative review, a dare ya!

From: APauls
Nnnnnnnnnnooooooooope. Not buying it. Ryan and his guides are too devilishly handsome to be trustworthy! ;)

From: Franklin
Oh boy, what exactly goes on in this bear camp....your scaring me APauls. lol

Question for those that have gone....I looked at the site but could you guys clarify how the hunt goes. You get to camp yourselves, you provide your own meals and the guides provide all other services pertaining to the hunt? Almost like a semi-guided bear hunt?

Hard to go wrong with this group!!

Does that guy spray tan? :)

From: SDHNTR(home)
Cool video. Looks like a fun camp and my kind of place. A couple questions...

Can you shoot 2 bears? And is there any fishing nearby? My only experience in a bear camp consisted of a lot of down time. Some fishing to pass the time might be an advantage.

Well done Ryan! Best always! C

It’s a fully guided hunt! Everything related to hunting is taken care of. We provide a place to stay and a place to cook but you just bring your own food.

Fishing is very close but tending to hunting and baits keeps guides too busy to take hunters fishing.

Only Alberta is a 2 bear limit. We shoot one bear per hunter.

As for the spray tan. Au natural ,,, that’s 6 weeks of being in the bear woods!

I bought a fishing license a couple years ago when I went last and was so think in the bears that it didn’t interest me much

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