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What do you mean WORTHLESS ??
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Bou'bound 13-Dec-19
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12yards 13-Dec-19
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Ghost425 13-Dec-19
elkmtngear 13-Dec-19
Quinn @work 13-Dec-19
x-man 13-Dec-19
deerslayer 13-Dec-19
Hawkeye 13-Dec-19
Jaquomo 13-Dec-19
DRR324 13-Dec-19
Busta'Ribs 13-Dec-19
Bowfreak 13-Dec-19
Whocares 13-Dec-19
Thornton 13-Dec-19
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WV Mountaineer 13-Dec-19
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sundowner 15-Dec-19
ground hunter 15-Dec-19
RD 16-Dec-19
Will 16-Dec-19
Stalker 16-Dec-19
Dale06 16-Dec-19
From: Bou'bound
A lot of guys posted on the "worthless gear" thread.

As a flip of that was anything listed on that thread by someone something that you personally have had good luck with and don't find worthless at all.

You know, one man's trash may be another man's treasure.

I noticed four:

Rage broadheads

Badland Pack

Can call

Danner Pronghorns

From: Bake
The Arctic Shield boot blankets are not trash in my mind, and at least one person mentioned those.

From: Yellowjacket
I've had success with the Can call and used a Badlands 2200 for years.

From: jingalls
Badlands pack. Have 4 of them. When I broke a small bungee strap, not th packs fault as I dropped it fully loaded out of a tree stand, Badlands fixed it for free and gave me a 25% loyalty coupon. Great company!

From: 12yards
Yes Bou,bound, I have all but Rages on your list. To be fair I won the Can call so I didn't buy it. And I don't have it with me when I hunt. But honest to God, I heard a fawn beller like that Can call one time in IA and a yearling 8 pointer sprinted up to it. No kidding!

Danner Pronghorns. Not designed for extreme terrain, but mine sure were comfortable!

From: Ghost425
Rage Broadheads

From: elkmtngear
The Badlands Superday has been refined to my "Workout Pack" (I do my daily treadmill with a lead brick in it).

Wouldn't trust it on an elk hunt, because of zipper failures. But, it works fine for that.

A set of Danner Pronghorns liked to kill me Years ago...maybe they're better now?

I have a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 that's still in pretty good shape, got it in 2013. A couple of BA Pads as well that still work just fine after 5 or 6 Years.

From: Quinn @work
Those 4 minus the Rage are all decent products.

From: x-man
My Danner Pronghorns are almost ten years old now. Still the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned. I wouldn't walk through ankle deep water for very long in them but, wet grass and/or snow have never soaked through. I suppose I'm just lucky(happens to everyone at least once) that the seams still don't leak on mine.

From: deerslayer
Rage Hypos are awesome out of the right setup. Big Agnes makes some great stuff, and I've loved their pads, bags, and tent. My Badlands 2200, while not a quality pack like Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, or some others has been on my back for many years and served me well. I've used the can to kill deer. The Arctic Shields have definitely kept my feet warmer than without. I agree with the "Danners are garbage" sentiment.

From: Hawkeye
Love my Danner Pronghorns!

From: Jaquomo
I've called in plenty of muley bucks with a can call. Wore out a pair of Danner Pronghorns and loved them (back when they were still made in USA). Own two Badlands packs, both perform well, fit well, and their customer service is top notch. I bought a discontinued Hypervent model off Camofire and it didn't fit, was uncomfortable. Badlands offered to take it back and replace it with either a Superday or Diablo, my choice. Can't beat that support!

From: DRR324
My first thought, my 25 year old Kahles 10x42 binocs. I honestly never head into the woods without them strapped to my chest. From every hunt to scouting trips or just quickly pulling cam cards- they have been with me. Off season- they ride in my truck console, always close by!

From: Busta'Ribs
Two big Agnes bags (one inside an over bag) kept me alive on a Canmore Bighorn Hunt when it was - 45.

From: Bowfreak
To list Rage broadheads on the other thread is ridiculous. I've only killed one deer with a Rage, so no fanboy, but they are far from worthless.

From: Whocares
I returned a Badlands Superday to repair some stitching where a strap attached. They did that promptly free of charge. Had a similar issue a year later and they sent me a new updated version free of charge. I paid for my original, Jaq! :)

From: Thornton
I've had the 4 quickest kills with a Rage with only 50 yards before they fell with a paint can blood trail. Last year's buck died faster than many I've shot with a 7 mag.

From: Trad PA
Rages...the bashing definitely makes me laugh but they’ve actually worked pretty well for me

From: GBTG
Rage. Haven't used. Badlands packs. First rate. Pronghorns. Not for my feet. Can call. Has worked for me ... big time.

From: t-roy
Danner Pronghorns are my “go to” boots for work for the past 20+ years. Super comfortable, but like wyobullshooter stated, they’re not that great for rugged terrain.

I’ve had mixed results with a can call, mostly positive or neutral responses.

I’ve got a Badlands Superday, a Sacrifice, and one of the bigger ones (can’t remember the model). Never had any problems with the first two, but the bigger one has a squeak in it that I can’t get rid of. I sound like a pack mule when I’m walking with it on.

I had a failure with one of the first generation Rages and haven’t used them since. Like lots of other gear, I’m sure they have improved things considerably since then, so my thoughts on them would be strictly hearsay (which doesn’t seem to stop some guys when they flame something they’ve never used) I have several friends that love them and have had great results with them.

From: BigSkyHntr
My hunting buddies and I have all had excellent results with rage.. the newer models- hypodermic and trypan

From: Bow Bullet
Nose Jammer

From: Franklin
I have a pair of all leather Danner Pronghorns that I bought when I was 23....that was 36 years ago. I don`t believe they were called "Pronghorns" back then. I am resoling them as the upper is in great condition as I only use these hunting.

From: itshot
just how cold is it in indiana?

I love my attic shield liners. I like my can call. Both were mentioned and both are worth every penny I paid for them.

From: bigswivle
I’ll agree on the Danner pronghorns, took brand new pair to New Mexico on elk hunt and tried to wear them back home and they leak like a siv. Can’t even walk through wet grass with them, and there customer service left a lot to be desired.

From: timex
rage I bought some when they first came out & the first deer I shot I was like WOW but after a few deer I realized that that huge hole going in had a price & poor penetration was that price. millions use them. not me & I spent hours finding 2 deer this season shot with rages from treestands that did not punch out the bottom. you couldn't give them to me

From: sundowner
I like Danner Pronghorns and Rage mechanicals. I've also had success with the Can Call.

I shot one of my best bucks sucking him in with a can call..... I have been wearing my danners 2 years now and going strong

From: RD
When I bought my Danners I brought them home, filled my bathtub and then stood in the water for 10 minutes. Dry feet! Took them to Kodiak and hunted for a week, dry feet! That's good enough for me. Shot more than one buck using the can call.

From: Will
That's a good point Bou. Danners, solid boots in my limited with them experience. Badlands, never owned one so no comment. Can call - I've killed lots of deer that liked the sound it made. Works great in my book. Rage - killed a lot of deer at this point with several different 2bld options of Rage. Works great for me with holes in and out, often 12" in the dirt. I shoot a ton of energy for deer, but they work for me.


From: Stalker
after 6 days of rain my danners that were about 3 years old and still in decent shape started to fall apart.

From: Dale06
Had a couple pair Danner Pronghorns, comfortable, but the gortex leaked from day one.

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