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Update on CO wolf initiative
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KSflatlander 27-Dec-19
From: KSflatlander

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“Wind and solar are now cheaper than virtually anyone predicted, and renewable technologies have reached an inflection point: Rapid cost declines made renewable energy the cheapest available sources of new electricity, even without subsidies, in 2017. In many locations across America, building new wind energy projects is cheaper than running existing coal-fired power plants.“

Please show where I ever said renewables will replace fossil fuels. I said they are now competing head to head with fossil fuels. That’s a fact as inconvenient as it is to you.

Again, I’m against the reintroduction of wolves as a public vote. However, I do realize that our public lands are not managed for elk hunters only and I’m ok with reintroduction of wolves as long as they are managed on biology and not politics. I was ok with sharing the woods with wolves while elk hunting in Idaho this year.

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