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Replace Cam receiver strap on Millenium?
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JJ 15-Dec-19
Trial153 15-Dec-19
midwest 15-Dec-19
Mo/Ark 16-Dec-19
From: JJ

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Could you replace the cam strap on the Millennium receiver with a 1/4" Amsteel whoopie sling?

I have seen a lot of videos on youtube about modifying an M7 microlite and replacing the receiver strap with a LW strap but not replacing the strap with a whoopie.

It would be harder to tighten up than a cam or ratchet but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I will be using a military strap at the bottom to steady the platform.

From: Trial153
save some weight thats for sure.

From: midwest

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midwest's embedded Photo
No doubt in my mind that it would work just fine.

I'm drilling the threads out on that threaded pin and replacing it with a lock pin. Much quicker and easier.

From: Mo/Ark
It works fine. I added a versa button and whoopie sling in replacement of the entire cam lock receiver on my M7. Also replaced the cables with amsteel whoopie slings so I can adjust platform angle. Works great for the M7. I guess I should say use at your own risk, as you are not using this stand as it was designed...

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