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Hilleberg Akto vs Enan---------
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mn_archer 15-Dec-19
Matt 15-Dec-19
Ermine 15-Dec-19
Cheetah8799 15-Dec-19
From: mn_archer
Im looking at putting together a new solo camp for getting back after those unlimited sheep. Right now my most important upgrade from when I last tried this hunt 11 years ago is my tent- definitely time for an upgrade.

I was pretty set on a sawtooth but to be honest with the amount of snow that can some early up there id rather have a floor just in case. Im pretty confident with all the guys ive spoken with that I cant go wrong with a Hilleberg but I cant seem to see what the difference between the Akto and Enan is- other than $80. Anyone know what the difference is or have time in both?

Thanks! Michael

From: Matt
If snow is your concern, Akto is the better choice. The Enan is yellow label (designed for snow-free months/protected terrain/warmer climates) whereas as the Akto is red label (all season). They are very similar designs, but the Enan is lighter due to materials and features that favor fairer weather.

From: Ermine
I think the only Difference is the Enan is more of a 3 season so the door is screen. The fly is higher cut. 1 tie out in the end vs 2 on the Akto. etc. Enan is Little Lighter. Akto possibly warmer and handle snow and wind a touch better.

I’ve tried the Akto and was dissapointed in the size and condensation I got.

I would look at the Niak. Light and free standing

From: Cheetah8799
1lb weight dif roughly. Appears to be due to a difference in fabric material used and the denier rating to reduce weight. Their materials page gets into the specs of the fabrics used.

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