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Hoyt Protec follow-up-summary proshops
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whisperbow 15-Dec-19
smarba 16-Dec-19
From: whisperbow
Thanks again for all your replies to my previous regarding my Protec questions I learned a lot getting back to some compound shooting like finding out about what bow I have- cams, finger shooting tips. In summary I learned: 1. I have a single cam (redline) XT 2000 2. The Hoyt manual isn't to detailed and doesn't tell it all and Pro-Shops are interesting. The first shop told me the bow could not be adjusted for let-off without a module and they told me the bow looked nice but had been shot quite a bit? At my second shop I found a guy who knew his stuff. He told me the string looked original from Hoyt and the bow was in nice condition. On the number of turns, he removed the string, removed the bolts then put them back with 5 turns in and that is where we started. I ended up with 45#, 50% let-off and 29" draw. My traditional draw is 28" and the 1st shop asked me if I wanted 28 or 28.5 and my second shop said 29" is it. Anyway it shoots real nice and QUIET. 3. After this I flight- shot the bow against my Oneida Black eagle (50#,50%,28"), and my old Jennings Buckmaster (47#,65%,28") and after 3 flights the Hoyt shot on average, 25yds further than the Oneida and 8yds more than the Jennings. Now when it comes to popping a deer at 30yds or less, the numbers above don't mean much if anything. I will still say the Oneida is the smoothest draw so all the debates go on. Thanks again. Si

From: smarba
Thanks for the follow up. Glad you're enjoying the tinkering with a "new" bow. Make sure you share with us when you kill a buck with it!

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