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WY... Unit 25/27 vs 23 thoughts?
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coelker 18-Dec-19
cnelk 18-Dec-19
coelker 19-Dec-19
Jims 19-Dec-19
coelker 20-Dec-19
Firsty 21-Dec-19
From: coelker
So I have narrowed my options down to these 2 areas. I they are both relatively close to home. 25/27 is closer to home, but 23 has a longer season. 25/27 has fewer access issues, but still get reports of elk harboring on private. Unit 23 has more access issues and is better known for having elk harboring on the private and being harder to reach.

Has anyone hunted these areas in the last few years? I have been asking locally about 25/27 but a lot of locals are pretty tight lipped about 25/27 since it is the local draw unit.

Thanks for any help. This has been a long process getting to this point. My wife and I are splitting points and we will average 9. Which was a 100% for each unit last year.

From: cnelk
What happened to Area 11 you were looking at last week?

From: coelker
11 is still kind of on my radar. Not totally off, but I have some decent info on it and feel it would work. The issue is drive time and distance, I can hunt both 23 and 25/27 after work. For 25/27 I can actually hunt from home every night and in 23 I could as well. 11 is far enough away and with the wrong condition (IE i-80 closure) might be inaccessible. I am still considering it but am lacking info on these units.

From: Jims
If 11 is tough access off I80 you can bet the other units will be impossible to access during the late hunts! I definitely wouldn't make a decision based on late season access! You better have a snowmobile handy if you plan on hunting 23 late!

From: coelker
Jims, I am not worried about getting around in the unit. I can handle that, it is getting to the unit. This fall might have been a bit of anomaly, but there were several times the roads getting to the units were closed. Not so much that off highway travel was impossible, but you could not get there because the roads were closed. Unit 11 is 2.5 hours away on a decent day. I have seen I80 close several times in early Oct. Just thinking it would really suck to loose access/hunt because you can not reach the unit.

From: Firsty
Unit 23 is pretty good, not alot of bulls over 340 or so but a few.

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