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Ole Timer 18-Dec-19
jingalls 18-Dec-19
Tlhbow 18-Dec-19
WV Mountaineer 18-Dec-19
bentstick54 18-Dec-19
Franklin 19-Dec-19
Joe Holden 19-Dec-19
rooster 19-Dec-19
timex 19-Dec-19
DanBow 19-Dec-19
From: Ole Timer
Can some one tell me what tha best Arrow to use with my 1969 Bear Kodiac Magnum 50 lbs pull. I was using 2119 aluminum shaft. That was a long time ago. Is there something newer and better out now?

From: jingalls
You should post this on the Leatherwall side.

From: Tlhbow
I haven't ever shot that arrow but I use a carbon express heritage 150 cut 2 1/2" longer than my draw lenth with a 150 grain head, 50 grain brass insert for a total of 200 gn up front out of a 51 pound longbow . If I was just getting back into it, I would probably find something fairly inexpensive to start with. There's a dealer called Big Jims that would be worth calling out of Mississippi . He has some good discounts now before Christmas . Good luck,

Look at the post your buddy put up about this. Good luck and God Bless

New and better is in the eye of the beholder. Aluminum is just as good as it was back then. Carbon has become very popular for many reasons, but I think they have more benefits to the compound shooters than to recurve shooters. Options such as lighter weights, micro diameter shafts etc, feed the compounder need for the newest and greatest so far hey can gain any edge they can get. Unless you’re going into competitive shooting aluminum can be just as good, just as straight, easier to work with if you assemble your own, and probably cheaper. I shoot one of the woodgrain finish carbons off my selfbows because it just doesn’t seem right to shoot aluminums off of a selfbow.

From: Franklin
I`ll 2nd that JTV......I never seen anything so complicated as going back to "simple and traditional". "Cut your arrows off a 1/4" at a time....add 25 grain inserts....add 2 twists to your bow string...increase your brace height 1/8" out your shelf 3/16" etc....damn!!!

From: Joe Holden

Joe Holden's Link
If you go to 3 Rivers Archery, click "Learn from the Experts", and select Spine Calculator. From here, you can plug in everything about your bow & arrow set up. I used this 10 years ago when i was first getting into traditional archery and it was extremely helpful. The numbers given may not be exactly what you'll need but it'll be close enough that changes to point weight, amount of fletching, or a slightly cut down arrow will get you there.

From: rooster
I have the same exact vintage bow. I bought XX75's in 2016 shafts to try after 30 yrs. They shoot ok and any problems I'm having are more operator error than arrow choice. I'll be watching this thread to see if I should change things up. If I remember right, I did use the 3 Rivers site to make my selection.

From: timex
I like carbons because their either as straight as the day you bought them or their broke there's no such thing as a bent carbon.

From: DanBow
XX75 2016 Gamegetters priced reasonable at Three Rivers

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