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San Carlos Archery Javalina Unit A
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From: Pvdesert
Any recent reports on Unit A in San Carlos AZ for Archery Javelina? Last time I was there was 15 years ago. Have always seen a lot of pigs but don't know if the area is still good? Appreciate any current help

From: Pvdesert
Where are my San Carlos Pig Hunters? I need some help?

From: wyliecoyote
I haven't been there in about 30 years...all I remember is getting my 4x4 pickup buried really bad in the San Carlos mud !! Liense and tag was $50...!!


From: 200incher

200incher's embedded Photo
200incher's embedded Photo
We usually hunt across the road in unit B but there are plenty of Javelina in unit A. Hunt low, most years we see plenty close to town by the end of the pavement in both units. I was there last year and will be back again this year, fun hunt that time of year. I took a few friends that had never hunted javelinas last year. It was pure entertainment watching my buddy in his socks missing at 5 yards and again at 15 yards. The other new guy had to keep adjusting his single pin sight and never actually fired an arrow even though he was surrounded by pigs. This is the pic I sent him from my vantage point. Even though he missed, he had a great time.

From: Pvdesert

Pvdesert's embedded Photo
Pvdesert's embedded Photo
Just got back from San Carlos after an 18 year absence. Things have changed for sure. Not as many pigs as the old days. We did shoot pigs but had a harder time finding them. Hunted unit A south of the Airport.

Nice Javelina. Seems a more affordable way to hunt the San Carlos than an elk tag!

From: Treeline
Or deer tag...

Javie numbers are down but still plenty out there.

From: Pvdesert
Agree with you treeline

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