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Sivart 20-Dec-19
Mule Power 20-Dec-19
midwest 20-Dec-19
Bou'bound 20-Dec-19
StickFlicker 21-Dec-19
Castle Oak 22-Dec-19
sticksender 22-Dec-19
plenty coups 02-Jan-20
woodguy65 02-Jan-20
From: Sivart
where do you go for the search function?

From: Mule Power
Just go to Google and type in Bowsite and whatever it is you’re looking for. That’s the best way to search.

From: midwest

From: Bou'bound
Been searching for nine years myself

From: StickFlicker
Ahhh...the monthly "where is the search function thread". Obviously a new member that hasn't seen this monthly topic the previous 12 times in 2019! Ha! Merry Christmas all!

From: Castle Oak
I can’t find the log on cell for bowsite. I had my computer worked on and I lost all of my auto login’s. Sorry for high jacking the thread.

From: sticksender
Castle Oak, in order to have just made a post, you're already logged in? But here are the login-related pages:

From: plenty coups
Excellent question and useless answers. If I knew I would tell you but I can't get it to work either.

From: woodguy65
"Excellent question and useless answers. If I knew I would tell you but I can't get it to work either."

The search function is at the bottom under "site function". But what the guys above have told you is that it doesn't really work. You can try and go to google and type in your search phrase - add Bowsite at the end of it. Google will most likely find the thread or history of your search, then click on it and it will take you to that particular thread on BS.

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