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Trophy Ridge or True Glow
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bighorn 20-Dec-19
Franklin 20-Dec-19
From: bighorn
Which one is the better the of the two. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit or Tru Glow EZ Rest

From: Franklin
I shoot the WB and have never shot or handled the Truglo, but they look the same. I know the WB has sturdier bristles under the arrow, not sure what the Truglo has. One thing to make sure of is that your vanes all pass through bristles equally. I saw a Truglo that had the opening on the top and am not sure if that was the bowfishing one or was adjusted that way. I wouldn`t want 2 vanes to go through bristles and the 3rd not....I like the "equal pressures" theory on all vanes for arrow flight.

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