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Setting up Elk hunt for military Son
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Inshart 23-Dec-19
Bowboy 23-Dec-19
Inshart 23-Dec-19
Ghost425 24-Dec-19
ESP 24-Dec-19
shakey 24-Dec-19
BIG BEAR 24-Dec-19
Coyote 65 24-Dec-19
Diesel 25-Dec-19
Inshart 25-Dec-19
HH 25-Dec-19
From: Inshart
My son has been in the military for about 23 years now and has always been interested in my elk hunts. Due to family and military commitments, he has not had the opportunity to go elk hunting, till next year 2020.

He is not going to be able to go with archery so rifle it will be, in Idaho.

The first area I researched (thanks to a Bowsiter) and called on - all the tags sold out in the first hour. I researched a second area and was told there are a lot of tags available and that I could purchase the tag just about any time. I've called the Idaho Fish and game a couple times and will be purchasing the necessary tags and licenses (antlered Elk only for this rifle area) sometime in the next couple weeks.

I've also gotten the name and number of the biologist for the area I've picked, but was advised not to call him yet as they are in the filed doing research (big came counts, I think he said). **Does anyone have a list of questions I should ask the biologist? The questions that come to mind are: access information ( I will have the FS roads named and numbered prior to calling so I have very specific locations),,, Elk elevations at this time of year,,, if he has any specific areas that I should avoid???

If I have this figured out correctly, the non-resident hunting license is $154.75 and the Elk tag is $416.75.... are there any other licenses/tags I'm missing?

Thanks for any help, Bob

From: Bowboy
Bob, tell your son thank you for his service. What service? I've never hunted ID for elk. I'd get some good map for the area your hunting. Then I'd research the areas you think look good and ask the biologist about them.

You might also reach out to ElkNut since he lives in ID.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

From: Inshart
I'll let him know. He's a Master Chief, Crypto in the Navy -- submarine navigator.

I already have a few maps and have spent several hours on Google Earth. After I talk with the biologist I'll make contact with the local warden and get his take on the area as well. Thanks, Bob

From: Ghost425
Check out Boulder Creek Outfitters if you’re interested in a guided hunt

From: ESP
If time and money are a concern look at a late season cow elk hunt will in New Mexico.

From: shakey
For the future check fort hunter leggit in California. Every tag offered to civilian has a duplicate for enlisted people. I drew the tag 8 years ago and I don’t think you will find a better hunt anywhere. We called in 30 bulls in three days

Tell the Master Chief thank you for his service !!!

From: Coyote 65
If you are interested in AZ, Navajo Army Depot has hunts for Active duty only hunt near Williams AZ.


From: Diesel
Tell your son thank you for his service. Sounds like you are asking the right questions. One of the other things we ask is if they have any other names of people in the unit who would be willing to talk to you. We have gotten hooked up with some people who have been an incredible help by asking that question. Hope you keep us posted on the preparation and result of your hunt.

From: Inshart
Thanks everyone for the info. Our plan is DIY. Diesel, never thought of asking that - great question that I will definitely ask!

From: HH
I hunt ID a bunch. I bought my tags in first hour. Been a lot of NR and R tag reductions for rifle. Do not wait on his tag!!!!! Last year every decent rifle zone was sold out by second week of Feb for NR. You may have to purchase a Outfitter if you want a good bull area. Get a tag this year!!!!!!!! Prices and allocations for 2021 seasons are going to be changing a bunch I have been told by fish cops in ID. If you hunt rifle get a wolf tag!


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