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12 points for Wyoming
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Jaeger63 26-Dec-19
Bowhntn 26-Dec-19
Firsty 26-Dec-19
LKH 26-Dec-19
DonVathome 26-Dec-19
From: Jaeger63
I'm Tony Cleveland from Colorado and I'm now sitting with 12 elk points for Wyoming. I'm interested to hear from both residents and non residents, who have hunted Wyoming, about which units you think would offer the best opportunity at a good bull and a great hunting experience. I have not ruled out Park County units because of the grizzlies but I am concerned from what I'm hearing about the abundance of Grizz in those units. Regardless of which unit I put in for I would want to purchase an archery stamp in order to hunt in September. I have hunted some draw units in Colorado and would be willing to trade info for anyone building elk points in Colorado. PM's welcome. Thanks much

From: Bowhntn
Jaeger63 I have 13 in Wyoming and am pulling the trigger this year! I am going with a guide that I have researched for the past four years, best place I have found for time and money sent! Pm if interested, I don’t have information for dyi though! Brian

From: Firsty
I would look at 11 ,23 or 25/27 they are all pretty awesome!

From: LKH
108 has a great outfitter with lots of good bulls. Little public.

From: DonVathome
62 is awesome grizz but never heard of issues

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