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Secondary Rut Questions
Whitetail Deer
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Bowfreak 26-Dec-19
Genesis 26-Dec-19
rodb 26-Dec-19
Bowfreak 26-Dec-19
Charlie Rehor 26-Dec-19
Scooby-doo 26-Dec-19
cord 62 26-Dec-19
Franklin 26-Dec-19
JL 26-Dec-19
Thornton 27-Dec-19
Bowfreak 27-Dec-19
Franklin 27-Dec-19
From: Bowfreak
I hunted a stand this morning and saw a buck chasing two does. I couldn't see his rack, but heard him grunting and he was obviously trailing the does. And acting very much like a buck.

This evening I hunt a stand that is 75 miles away and had two does run toward me and stop at 12 yards. I was at full draw waiting for the first one to step out from behind a tree. She took off trotting with the other doe in tow. I hear other deer coming and look up to see a 120 class 10 pt and a 4 point trailing her. The 10 point stopped at 12 yards and made a scrape, went 10 more yards and made another scrape and then both took off trailing the 2 does.

As they are leaving I heard another deer coming in the leaves. I hear him grunt too. He stops at 10 yards, a 130 class 9 point. Stands broadside for at least a minute and heads off after the does.

I hear another deer coming....look up and it is a spike bringing up the rear.

Both bucks were at least 10" inches bigger than the one I shot. Lol. I could have easily killed either one.

I post all of this only to ask those of you that have experience with the secondary rut. Do you think the fact that the current new moon phase could be a predictor to the secondary rut or do you think it is just chance and that these does today came into estrus later in November and weren't bred? Basically....they weren't bred in November and they cycled again independent of moon phase?


From: Genesis
Definitely independent of moon phase.Also,as the primary rut wanes and bucks start to resocialize their aggressive nature peaks again before shedding.So,territorialism peaks again and the manifestation of such can be misconstrued as sexual.

Not saying the intent of all the bucks you saw were not sexual but some could be merely a territorial reaction,fwiw

From: rodb
See the secondary rut every year.

From: Bowfreak
The only reason I posted the moon question is that I know there is a faction of people that think moon phase and position are super critical for animal movement.

I can't make an argument either way as I hunt when the wind is good regardless of moon phase.

Sounds like either the Fawn rut or you have too many does to get breed in early November.

Either one that’s some great action.

From: Scooby-doo
I would think you have some fawns coming into heat and you happened to cross paths with a hot one. I think does that were missed the first time around would come around a bit earlier but as Charlie said its quite possible if you have way to many does. Shawn

From: cord 62
Bucks chasing hard last two weeks, CVNP, Ohio. good luck

From: Franklin
As long as does keep cycling into estrous you will have action like you described. It`s continuous from Nov. thru Feb. Last years fawns will be the last and those are usually the ones with the spotted fawns in Oct.

From: JL
I was on the stand this afternoon and had a nubbin walk by. He picked up the trail where a doe and her fawn doe were at about an hour and a half earlier. We've been thru two ruts so far so I was thinking he was interested in the fawn doe as we're into the 3rd rut window.

From: Thornton
It's more of a 3rd or 4th rut. I practically live in the woods most of the fall and what you saw is more common than most hunters realize. I've seen rut like activity into February here in Ks

From: Bowfreak
The first situation was probably a fawn rut, the second was 2 mature does.

It was an exciting day and it's why I love hunting deer.

I was talking to my brother afterwards and he thought I was a moron to drive 75 miles to shoot a doe. I told him I was glad to be alive and I love to bowhunt. When I read about people losing the fire, it's hard for me to relate as I love it just as much now, if not more, than ever.

From: Franklin
That`s where the old adage "the 2nd rut can be more intense than the 1st" comes from. Imagine there being only 1 hot do in an area....every buck and their brother wants in on the action. It can get wild with 10 bucks chasing 1 doe around.

Between a quality late season food source and does trickling into estrous if you stop hunting until the season is over you`re crazy. It`s a great time to be in the woods and you most likely have it all to your own.

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