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Pac Boots?
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A while ago I saw a boot thread where a number of people recommended Schnees “Pac” Boots. I had honestly never thought about pac boots being comparable to mountain type boots like Kenetreks or Lowa’s when it came to elk hunting, but according to that thread they are not only comparable, but better? For those that have many miles on both types, what are the major differences you can notice that would put one above the other? If someone had experience with Kenetreks, is there a reason why they should opt for pac boots next?

From: LKH

From: TurboT
I do not think they are comparable. Much heavier and bulkier than mountain type boots. With that said I love mine when I need warmth. Late hunts with lots of glassing or minimal walking they are fantastic.

From: Franklin
X2 ^^^^^. They are not equal to a Lowa Tibet or anything close, but then again a Lowa Tibet isn`t comparable to a Schnee`s pac boot in a cold snowy condition. Each boot has it`s place and purpose.

Nothing beats a good quality pac boot like a Schnee`s for a late season deer or elk hunt in the cold and snow. Buy extra liners and you`re set even in a remote setting.

From: jdee
Schnees pac boots are good for sitting in a tree stand on real cold days but IMO wearing them for elk hunting they suck. They don’t come close to my Lowa boots . To big and bulky and it’s hard to hike in rough terrain with them .

From: HH
Hoffman’s are better feal for the $


From: kota-man
The two aren't comparable. Apples to oranges. With that said, I just ordered a pair of the Double Insulated Hoffman's. I have a couple pairs of the Schnee's Hunter II's that I really like but wanted something warmer so it was between the Hoffman's and the Schnee Extreme. Decided to try the Hoffman's. But in no way, shape or form do these pac boots replace my mountain boots.

I have had LaCross Ice Kings for over 20 years and they have never let my feet get cold and I'm talking deer and ice fishing in below zero temps. I recommend them as highly as I can. You can buy them at Amazon for $170 Link:

I also have both black and white genuine USA made Bata USGI Mickey Mouse boots and they are the best cold weather boots I have ever used. Bought three pair of the black for my sons and I and two pair of the white. Bought them all about 8-10 years ago when they were still very cheap. UNFORTUNATELY they are becoming rare as the companies that made them for the US military stopped production back in the mid or late 80's. If you can find a genuine USA Made USGI pair of NIB of either for under $70 your doing well. I have no first hand experience with them but these look pretty good and I would have bought them if I didn't already have the Ice Kings and MM boots. There called Thorogood Endeavor Extremes for sale at for $170 Worth a look.

From: Bou'bound
The ice kings are excellent but don’t plan on walking far in them.

From: Shawn
Baffin makes a great cold weather pac boot but no pack boot compares to an elk hunting boot. Shawn

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