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Vanes and Whisker Biscuit
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bighorn 27-Dec-19
aDrenalinJunkie21 27-Dec-19
SixLomaz 27-Dec-19
elkmtngear 27-Dec-19
Candor 27-Dec-19
Ermine 27-Dec-19
MtnHunter 27-Dec-19
Buck Watcher 28-Dec-19
Scooby-doo 28-Dec-19
JL 28-Dec-19
bigdog21 29-Dec-19
JL 29-Dec-19
Franklin 29-Dec-19
APauls 01-Jan-20
Trophyhill 06-Jan-20
From: bighorn
What type of vane should a person use on a wicker biscuit rest currently using FF-360 or would the SK-300 be better?

No sure what those are, but I use blazer vanes and they perform very well out of the biscuit - and have read that the stiffer material they are made with hold up better with the biscuit than others.

From: SixLomaz
Peanut butter and jelly - PBJ. Fixed only, no mechanical here. Both vane models you posted will work just use good glue on the stiffer ones.

From: elkmtngear
Been shooting FF 360s for several years with a WB. No issues with the Biscuit, arrows fly great!

I use clear PVC primer on the vanes before fletching, seems to help them stay tighter on the arrow shaft, over time. I shoot a lot !

From: Candor
I shoot feathers and they do fine so I can't imagine that any properly fletched vane would have problems.

From: Ermine
SK 300 are stiffer than the 360’s

From: MtnHunter
Bohning Heat vanes are very stiff material. Would perform great with whisker biscuits

From: Buck Watcher
Been using FFP-360 for years with zero issues.

From: Scooby-doo
Agree that the stiffer the vane material the better, soft plastic vanes have a tendency to ripple and get wavy through a biscuit. Shawn

From: JL
^X2....I never used a biscuit but understand that is one of the knocks on them. The other I'm aware of is if they get wet in cold weather they can freeze up and/or freeze to the arrow.

From: bigdog21
been shooting WB for over ten years I shoot blazer and feathers with no issues. as for freezing I have not had a problem. but if it would get to that point, I think my string and cable roller and cams would have issues also. iced up are frozen wet string is going to shoot different then a dry one

From: JL
I've had my string/cam freeze before several times. I'll draw back and you will hear the ice pop. Don't think I ever had the arrow freeze to the QAD. I've had snow/ice freeze to the shaft of the arrow. In that case I wipe it off a few times to get rid of the ice.

From: Franklin
If you are worried about a freeze up just push your finger through it a few times. A WB will freeze about the same time any other rest will freeze up.

From: APauls
Been shooting a biscuit well north of 10years. Never had it freeze up. But if the weather was bad enough that I was worried my WB was freezing I simply shudder to imagine shooting a drop away in those same conditions. So I’ve got ice building up all over my bow and on a rest that needs to swing freely out of the way in a nano-second...I’ll take the biscuit.

From: Trophyhill
I use the Flex Fletch Flash 2" with a slight helical. Haven't had any issues

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