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Good slider sight
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HDBOW 28-Dec-19
From: Tony
Hey what do you guys find to be the best slider sight for around $200 or less. Was thinking of getting an HHA, but would like some opinions.

From: SixLomaz
HHA or String Walking

From: casekiska
I have an HHA. Works great. Solid. Accurate. Easy to adjust, even when an animal is moving near you and you need to re-position pin.

From: JTreeman
In my book the only 2 to consider are Montana Black Gold and Spot Hogg. I consider HHA a 3rd place vote or honorable mention.

Your price point may limit you a bit though. And honestly the difference between the top of the line and the middle of the pack has narrowed considerably in the last few years...


From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
I have a single pin adjustable slider but I would now order a two pin (20,30 yards) slider .

From: Franklin
HHA hands down....American made company that donates a portion of every sale to our veterans.


From: BowHiker
HHA single pin. Keep it simple stupid is a good rule for me at crunch time. Max distance on sight tape is 80 yards, which is way past my hunting range. Friends of mine prefer black gold 3 pin slider cause they can dial well past 100 yards. Fun for 3d I guess. Not for me though.

From: Bowboy
I've used HHA, but I only use MBG now. I really like the single pin.

From: bighorn

From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie 2 pin slider. Have them on my primary and backup bow. Don’t think I’ll ever switch. Simple and solid.

From: Ermine
Spot Hogg Hogg father has been my go to for years. Rock solid sight

From: Predeter
Had a HHA single pin for a few years, now have a MBG 3 pin slider. Both are great sights!

From: Busta'Ribs
Its not under $200 but the best slider is the Garmin Xero

From: Buffalo1
I have a couple HHA sliders for sale as I am downsizing my assessory inventory. I will be back to civilization mid next week from a deer hunt. If you have any interest, send me a PM and I will respond when I return home. Tks

From: Jaquomo
Since switching to a wheelie bow I'd used a fixed MBG with horizontal pins. During turkey season I developed a nasty habit of doing "drive by" aiming from right to left. Tony Peterson (Bowhunter mag equipment editor) suggested I switch to a vertical single pin to fix that problem.

I called HHA with some questions and was told they would have the VP call me back. Never did call. So I went with MBG. My shooting improved 100%, and no issues with the sight after about 50 days of hard hunting on the ground, banging around, crawling through brush. For the kind of hunting I do I keep it on 30, which is good from 0-40, and I'm good to go.

From: Brotsky
MBG mountain lite with 3 pins.

From: Kurt
MBG Whitetail Ascent with 5 pins on both bows.

From: jingalls

jingalls's embedded Photo
jingalls's embedded Photo
Montana Black Gold. 3 pin slider.

From: shorty
Montana Black Gold.

From: Drahthaar
HHA single pin. Forrest

MBG, Bowsite sponsor for ten years. Terrific customer service.

From: Boreal
I have an MBG on one bow and an HHA Optimizer on another. I much prefer the MBG.

MBG I have a single pin and three pin ascent. Bomb proof. Awesome sights great customer service

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