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Meopta Meopro’s 10x42
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yooper89 27-Dec-19
ESP 28-Dec-19
brettpsu 28-Dec-19
yooper89 28-Dec-19
From: yooper89
Anybody have experience with these nockers? They’ve been discontinued a few years but I picked a pair up for what I think was a pretty good price after getting dozens of pics. I know they’re not the meostars, and I tried looking up previous posts, but figured I’d roll the dice since I’ve been using a pair of diamondbacks I got from a vendor for the last 3-4 years.

From: ESP
Can’t help you but love my meostars. I believe they will be a step up from what you already have.

From: brettpsu
Don't have the meopro binos but have several Meopta products and love em. Sold my Swaro ATX because it wasn't really any better than my S2 spotter and cost way more. Turned my cousin onto the meopro binos and what I looked through was fantastic. Think you will be very happy with them. Let us know what you think of them.

From: yooper89
I’ve never heard a bad thing about Meopta so figured it was worth the risk. The glass looked great- still very clean.

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