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24 Lions
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Tonybear61 28-Dec-19
Buffalo1 28-Dec-19
drycreek 28-Dec-19
AZ~Rich 28-Dec-19
bowonly 28-Dec-19
From: Tonybear61

Tonybear61's Link
Here is a link to the Cabela Foundation's lion story.

Once there were 200K lions, with help of Cabela's they are being brought back to reasonable populations, given the the region was in a civil war and wild life was neglected.

This story was featured in the most recent US Sportsman's Alliance publication. USSA is a organization every American hunter should be aware of.

From: Buffalo1
I saw a presentation on the 24 Lions Project last year at the Dallas Safari Club Convention. Cabela was there and shared his personal passion for this endeavor that is proving to be successful.

From: drycreek
Pretty damn interesting ! I’ve always enjoyed anything Ivan Carter is associated with and especially Carter’s W. A. R. With the Cabela’s money behind this effort it should prove successful if they can keep the poachers in line.

From: AZ~Rich
Does anyone know if the Zambezi Delta Ecosystem is fenced in? I would think not, so when these lions start moving out of the planned areas what will be the Mozambican Goverment’s response? A mature male looking for new territory for instance would pose a real threat to locals and/or livestock. It’s still a great thing to do and I hope it’s very successful.

From: bowonly
Inspiring stuff. But just think, you can't fly with bear spray inside the bush plane in Alaska. These guys are flying planes around Africa with unrestrained lions inside! Talk about adventurous.

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