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Another Great Elk Vid
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JL 29-Dec-19
midwest 29-Dec-19
Bowboy 29-Dec-19
sitO 29-Dec-19
GF 30-Dec-19
drycreek 31-Dec-19
midwest 31-Dec-19
From: JL
Just ran across this one posted last month. Great scenery and (ultra) closeup encounter at 7:05 if you want to fast forward. Gotta have ice water in your veins to let one get close enough to walk into your arrow. His placement was poor on the first shot and penetration was poor on the next shot but he prevailed in the end.

From: midwest

From: Bowboy
Great video thanks for posting?

From: sitO
That was cool, tfs!

From: GF
I wasn't impressed by the shot selection from what I could see in that first shot at 40 yards, but you never know what the shooter could see if the camera shot’s not right over his shoulder...

But serious props for holding out for that same bull for 3 weeks and passing up two others. Not many would have that kind of self-imposed discipline.

From: drycreek
Nothing succeeds like success !

From: midwest
The bull really ducked on that first shot.

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