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Will 3 points draw ?
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Marc W. 30-Dec-19
sasquatch 30-Dec-19
Mule Power 30-Dec-19
PushCoArcher 30-Dec-19
From: Marc W.
Sorry, but it’s time for those non-resident annoying preference point questions. My friend and I are looking to come archery hunting in 2020 hoping to draw a general tag. We both have three points at the moment and I am pretty sure we would come back with the rifle if we’re not successful. We are not available to archery hunt until September 8 and will have two weeks to do it. Going to steer clear of the grizzly units as we have no appetite to deal with those guys. My other question is, are there other units other than a general that would have a chance to draw with three points? I’m trying to wade through the process on Wyoming fish and game site but as a nonresident it can get confusing. Thank you for any help you might be able to provide And please pm if that’s a better way to reply. Marc

From: sasquatch
I believe so

From: Mule Power
With 3 points you should just apply for the general license. You’ll draw in the regular drawing with 3.

From: PushCoArcher
3 should be a 100% in the regular for the general tag. I have 4 points and have looked at some limited draw tags in that range just go general best option IMO.

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