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Limb Driven Drop Away Rest
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From: Native Okie
Just picked up another bow recently. I am running a Hamskea Hybrid Hunter on my current bow but also looking at others. No complaints on the Hamskea but I really like the security of full containment of an upright launcher. Looked at the new LOK from RipCord and it looks appealing. Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

From: Hessticles
Vaportrail gen7

From: Bowboy
Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro.

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro here as well.

From: JTreeman
Are those Trophy Takers lock-up and limb-driven? I know the Vapor Trail isn’t, it comes up on the draw. I personally like and own vapor trail, but shoot Hamskea mainly.

I think NativeOkie is looking for a limb-driven rest that locks in the up position. Similar to the QAD but limb-driven. The rest he mentions looks pretty nice and does just that, but I have no experience with it.


From: Native Okie
Jim - yes, correct. That's what I'm looking for. The LOK does that, I'll probably check them out closer.

From: kota-man
Gen 7 VaporTrail here...But if you want limb driven that locks up, I can’t help...

From: Ermine
I’d stick with the hamskea. The Hamskea trinity is awesome. Hamskea makes the best rests out there

From: bighorn
N.O. Have a Trophy Tacker Smackdown Pro for sale if interested

From: Brotsky
TT Smackdown Pro. It is full containment although not as “contained” as a Ripcord or QAD. Really have had great luck with it.

From: Wapitidung
I like Hamskea. Never a problem

From: Ghost425
I’ve been using Trophy Taker SmackDown pro for several years now and have no complaints. The rest performs solidly to my satisfaction Still after thousands and thousands of shots.

From: midwest
Whisker Biscuit ;-)

From: SixLomaz
3 brush whisker biscuit here. Never a worry. Always works.

From: Trial153
The rip cord lok is decent rest that will lock up yet is limb driven. The only issue I seen with it was the stop pin would tick on the post. It was an easy fix. Not sure if they improved on the design since it came out. The VT gen seven looks killer with the down limb option. These are they only two limb driven rests i would consider.

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