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So today after making a purchase of Lacrosse winter boots, I take them out in the field, in 2 hours one eyelet broke,,,,,,,,,,, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... I have a pair of Rockys from 20 years ago, where a eyelet never broke

I had Aerohead boots,,,,,,,,,,,, more junk,,,, the inside neoprene came apart within a year

Remember when they were made in Wisconsin,,,,,,,,,,,,, now I find out, they are owned by some company in Oregon and made as most are in Asia somewhere

If anyone here works for Lacrosse,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, YOur stuff is junk

From: Screwball
Quit buying there stuff when they closed there Lacrosse WI plant and moved to asia. Several American made options out there.

From: Timex

Timex's embedded Photo
Timex's embedded Photo
Bad experiences suck no doubt but iv been wearing this model lacrosse boots for 20 years now & love em I got turned on to them when I hauled seafood to Boston all the watermen up there wear them. Supper tough ,Plenty warm, wide inside & I usually get 3 sometimes 4 years out of a pair. I order them from a marine supply store for around $60 shipped. For the $$ they are a great boot

Thanks but it was a different company 20 years ago .. at one time i.had their Iceman boots that lasted 15 years

From: Bou'bound
For me both my pairs if rocky boots were absolute unadulterated crap twenty years ago. Lacrosse has been great for me ever since.

From: Dale06
Have had some Rocky boots, they work out very fast. Won’t make that mistake again.

From: Overland
I thought this was going to be a Mathews thread.

From: Elkpacker1
I hear ya, have a pair of Whites packers from MT I bout 20 years ago and seen many trips. Well was looking for a new pair and they said send in your pair and we will restore them. I did . came back looking brand new.

From: Buffalo1
The other week the soles of my Lacrosse 1000 boots literally separated soles from the bottom of the boot. Took them to my local shoe repairman. He told me that he has noticed a lots of brands of rubber boots are experiencing the same problem.

My repairman has been in business for about 40 yrs.- hence has seen a lot through his years of experience. He has a theory that the boots/shoes are shipped to US from Asia via sea containers. It is unknown the length of time the boots are stored in containers with no temperature control. Hence the extreme heat that containers experience is something that breaks down the glue that holds the sole to the boot. He re-glued my soles to my boots and I have seen no issues with sole/boot separation.

He has also seen the same issues with both men and women dress and casual shoes shipped from Asia.

From: cnelk
Nuthin ain’t what it was 20 years ago

From: drycreek
I have the Aeroheads as well as some La Crosse lace ups that I bought a few years ago. Both are comfortable and have lasted fine, but I don’t wear them every trip. . Bought some Rocky Cornstalkers years ago as well as another kind of Rockys and the soles disintegrated in big chunks. It was hell to walk on them until I got back with big chunks falling off ! :(. Rocky sent me some new soles, I had them repaired and I still wear them when it’s really cold.

From: Trial153
My couple pair of lacrosse have held up decent for the amount I have used them. I still like mucks better. That said I am not a rubber boots fan anyway

From: WhitetailHtr
LaCrosse used to make some midweight pack boots with removable liners (leather or cordura tops and rubber bottoms - kind of like LL Bean boots). I have 2 pair from 23+ years ago that I still used but are near their end. I can't find boots like these anywhere now. Seems everyone like knee high rubber boots now, even in cold weather. I miss the old LaCrosse Company. Those boots were great.


I thought it would be a Bowtech thread when I saw the OP was not Elkman.

A vote for Rocky boots.

I get several years out of the lacrosse grange and original burly. But I bought a pair of burly with the printed camo and they dry rotted and cracked open in less than two years. I just bought two new pairs of grange and original style burly when they had the sale at Christmas. The newer models do not use the same formula on the rubber that the older styles do I found out.

From: TrapperKayak
Schemes in Bozeman used to be good. But they used Lacrosse bottoms. Wonder if they still do...

From: Habitat
I had a pair of lacross leather boots that I got for elk hunt,they survived breakin but not a week in mountains,string broke in 2 days,left boot leaked pull tab ripped off all after 4 days of hunting

From: Vonfoust
"LaCrosse used to make some midweight pack boots with removable liners (leather or cordura tops and rubber bottoms - kind of like LL Bean boots). I have 2 pair from 23+ years ago that I still used but are near their end. I can't find boots like these anywhere now. Seems everyone like knee high rubber boots now, even in cold weather. I miss the old LaCrosse Company. Those boots were great."

Must have had the same boots. This will be their last year. I'll be looking for next year.

From: 12yards
Yeah, I use the regular Lacrosse foam insulated Burlys. I don't know if they are the same as what Timex uses, but I just bought my 3rd pair. I've gotten a dozen or more years out of my first two pairs. I bought my first pair in the middle 1980s. Also don't know if they are still made with the same quality rubber. We will see I guess.

From: Mule Power
I had a guide buy a pair of Rockys at Sportmans Warehouse in Missoula. A week later he put the pieces into the original box and took them back. They guy in the shoe department said you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. That was 10 years ago so they’ve been junk for at least a decade.

From: Rut Nut
That's not what I wanted to hear! I bought a pair of Lacrosse rubber boots this year.

I would choose Lacrosse over Rocky boots. Rocky are the worst boots that I have ever owned.

From: TXHunter
Rockies are junk.

From: JTV
My LaCrosse Aero 7mm are 5 seasons old, used in spring turkey and fall deer seasons ... I just hope they are still made when it finally comes time for another pair ...

Chippewa. Enough said.

From: Bowman

Bowman's Link
Maybe LaCrosse is junk as a winter boots. But I da?e to say that Lacrosee Venom Scent works perfect for me as a snake boots. I haven't been bitten by a snake but to protect the manufacturer I say these boots made of high quality.

They keep your feet dry and at the same time they are breatheable. The moisture wicking capabilities aren't bad at all; I was able to stay out for hours longer in these without my feet getting sweaty.

Perhaps you just bought the wrong pair of boots?

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