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Great Bear Rain Forest Fake Hunts
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Tonybear61 03-Jan-20
GF 03-Jan-20
Trophyhill 09-Jan-20
Fuzzy 09-Jan-20
Fuzzy 09-Jan-20
From: Tonybear61
I watched a PBS special a few days ago and they were promoting the Great Bear Rain Forest in BC. As part of their management efforts a former hunting outfitter and the First Nations were teaming up to buy exclusive outfitter hunting rights. Problem is they had no intention of hunting. Even to the point of selling the lisc./permits, conducting FAKE hunts (their term not mine) of the bears. They were obviously so anti-hunting it was pathetic, rolling all trophy hunting into one group of a few slobs they encountered.

I would think the BC provincial biologists and wildlife managers need to implement some rules that they actually demonstrate hunting success when acquiring exclusive hunting rights. Granted they may be against all hunting but this is a blatant workaround of the rules and wildlife manager efforts. How in the world can management goals be achieved??

Claiming to have saved about 130 bears since they started doing this they promote bear viewing and photography in the area instead. Cool I love to photograph bears when I see them but this smells a lot like Lynn Rogers research mentality and we all should know about the conflict he had with hunters and the wildlife biologists questioning his methods. Granted DNR, wildlife managers have some arrogant players who dislike public input but many of them spend their whole life in this field and know what they are doing.

So if a bear or two decide to turn on the tourists, start becoming familiar with humans, causing an injury or death what does that do to their mission of protecting the bears?? The injured or their families will want action, aggressive bear would likely be killed.

So if the same approach was used for those valuable sheep, caribou, and even deer tags, what then?? The nature fakers take over proper wildlife management which includes regulated hunting?? They have the funds and are going down that path with their elitist attitude. Sneaky way around it instead of working through a legal system that requires input from all citizens to change law , instead just those with cash buying up "exclusive" hunting rights.

I like bears but this kind of stuff really gets my dander up.

From: GF
Honestly, if the Protectionists can afford to out-bid an honest Hunting operator and all of the funds will go to managing ALL of the wildlife in the province, the only thing that really bothers me is the unsustainability of it. Letting Anti-Hunters fund wildlife management (for a change!) sounds OK to me.

And if the First Nations are protecting Spirit Bears out of a sincere Religious belief, then that ought to be respected. Within reason. I don’t know how the jurisdictions work out, but if these bears are sacred to the local FN People, then they should be permitted to provide these bears with protection within their Ancestral lands.

Of course, I grew up in a Republic, where being in the minority doesn’t mean that you have no rights. Monarchies are different that way.

The problem is that sooner or later there will be too many of these overprotected bears for the forage base. That should get interesting....

Somehow, the Sacred White Dump Bear doesn’t suggest the same Power and mystical significance of a Spirit Bear finding its own way in the unspoiled Wilderness.

From: Trophyhill
I read BC has the highest black bear/human conflicts/attacks and a big number of bears are killed annually because of it. So would those numbers likely be bigger with protections put in place to stop hunting?

From: Fuzzy
Sounds like fraud to me

From: Fuzzy
I had an interesting convo a few years back while doing a deer management hunt in a Virginia State Park which is very close to a large city. It's a long way from me so I only did it the one time. The way the hunt works is you apply for a lottery. The draw rate is about 50/50. Some of the guys there were in two man "teams" and only one of them had drawn. The other came anyway. You sign in as a "stand by" and if there are no shows then you get a spot. The biologists have a pre hunt briefing and after the briefing they assign hunt sites to the standbys. Apparently there are ALWAYS a lot of no shows and standbys ALWAYS get to hunt. The reason is that anti-hunters pay the lottery fee (used to fund game management and support the cost of the cull hunt) and if they're drawn they don't show. The standbys also pay the fee ($15) so essentially the anti hunters are boosting funding for the hunt by doubling fees paid on every hunt slot they draw. The slots still get filled and the deer get killed. Beautiful!

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