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Looking for input on bear hunting in Col
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DeerMount 03-Jan-20
Buglmin 03-Jan-20
Tlhbow 03-Jan-20
From: DeerMount
Looking for any input on bear hunting Colorado. I have never bear hunted before and CO is relatively close for me.

From: Buglmin
What to see what the CPW decides this year in the process. Then, pick your unit, spend time locating water, and pray for a heavy acorn or berry crop. When bear eat acorns and berries, they'll water several times during the day, and they'll swim either early morning or early evening. We kill our bear before before 10:00 or after 4:00 sitting water. We hunt water to help determine size and sex of bear before deciding to take em.

From: Tlhbow

Tlhbow's embedded Photo
Tlhbow's embedded Photo
I've only bought two bear tags out of twenty five years hunting Colorado but keep a look for there dung. This is full of grass as the berries didn't make very much this season. There was a dozen or so piles in a small area and appears it hung out there.

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