Whitetail Deer
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From: Will
Reviewing the thread about the poor family in SC, having two loved ones killed in a hunting accident, I saw a number of points about wearing orange to stay safe. It got me curious if anyone does anything during archery season to stay safe? I figure, if we all share ideas, it may yield good ideas for each other to consider adding, but may also spur those who do nothing into action.

I do not wear orange during bow season at all, but, going in or coming out, whether the light is gloaming or truly dark, I wear a headlamp. It's both to see, and so that anyone in the woods knows I'm a human and not something to shoot at. I do this during gun season as well.

Do any of you do other things - during archery season or otherwise, to stay safe out there?

From: Bou'bound

From: wildan
I do the same;head lamp;more to be seen.I do carry an orange vest in my bag just in case. I hunt all private land but there are always the road hunters.

From: Timex
For over 20 years myself & my buddies drove deer every Saturday from the beginning of bow season till the last day of rifle season. Anywhere between 5 & 20 of us & nobody ever came close to being shot orange was only required during rifle season. There's just no excuse for mistaking a human for a deer. (Never) now an accidental discharge is completely different & proper firearms handling should eliminate most injuries from them

From: fisherick
I never move during low light conditions without my red or green LED headlamp on. Also I use a reversible camo/orange hat in orange during low light conditions during bow season and always use hunter orange vest and hat during firearms seasons.

From: franklin
Headlamp in the dark, and I will even make a human sound like a small cough or clear my throat. I don`t want some stroke thinking it`s a deer walking around with a arrow and a lighted nock in it.

I have a "round hay bale blind" and I put orange on it after watching the neighbor shoot his rifle into the farmers bales once.

From: Tonybear61
Yes even when the area I hunt is archery only during firearms season. Granted don't need it in the tree but put it back on soon as I hit the ground just in case someone is cheating.

Good thread Will.

I use a head lamp also and make sure I look around occasionally so it can be seen from all angles.

From: Highlife
Headlamp in and out . In 82 I was nearly shot in the leg my an archer.

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